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Losing connection every 20 minutes

Losing connection every 20 minutes

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Having the same problem of getting disconnected constantly and using a 7+ yr old Westfall 327W.  Also receiving half the speed I'm paying for.  Where can I get a stand for my modem to try.  Verizon will not give me a new modem!!

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try ebay, best buy, or staples. Verizon should have sent you a stand with the modem.

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I also had trouble with being disconnected, especially if I stopped actively sending or receiving data, like if I stepped away from the computer for a short while to have a cup of coffee.  About 2 weeks ago I received a new Westell 7500 modem / router to replace my Westell 327W and so far my connection has been good.  Unfortunately, Verizon told me to return the 327w using the enclosed self addressed Fed Ex sticker which should have been in the new modem box but wasn't.  I have called Verizon and asked to have the Fed Ex self addressed sticker sent to me, but nobody seems to know how to do that. 

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Everyone. I know the answer to this crazy question. After months of being pestered by my gamer son, and weeks of being on the phone with Verizon....I finally got a tech out that immediately knew what my problem was. The problem (at least at my home) was the the outdoor Verizon box was too close to the electricity company's electronic meter. Apparently they run on similar frequencies, and if the Verizon box is less than 12" from the electric meter it will cause service disruption on Verizon's side. It was happening to us very frequently as the electric meter communicates with servers about every 15 minutes. As soon as the technician moved the box 18" away, all of the problems stopped. I know it sounds low tech, and maybe implausible, but I think this is the answer to all of your issues. In particular, if your electric service has gone to an electronic meter (from analog).... I hope this is helpful!
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