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Modem Bridge Breaks Internet

Modem Bridge Breaks Internet

Contributor Wellington
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I think I got it working, although I have run into a few problems. My first problem is that it takes multiple tries in the status page to get it to stay connected. (First few tries it only stays online for a few seconds) Also while trying to connect I recieve Can not get a IP address from PPPoE Server, and PPPoE LCP negotication fail error messages multiple times. My third problem is random disconnections, and my last problem is that I get a dramatic loss in internet speed. When I am not in bridge mode my speed is over 3000kb down and over 700 kb up (speakeasy speedtest) and when I am in bridge mode I get either no more than 200kb - 500kb down and about 550kkb up. 

Incase this has anything to do with it here are two settings in my rotuer that I think may be a problem.

Keep Alive: Redial Period 30 sec

Router DHCP Server enabled
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Contributor kmcheng
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I just use DSL on 1/12, and except for some testing in the beginning, it is pretty good. My plan is 7.1mb download

In my case of using my own router, I did this.

Change the modem to bridge mode (since the modem is actually a one port router), and disable the DHCP function.

In the router, use PPPoE, enter username and password, then you are pretty much good to go.

For those who use (or want to use) opendns, use dns-o-matic to do the update, since DSL's IP change like crazy.

I use the link wrt54gl router with the dd-wrt firmware. My modem is also 6100f.

I don't think you need to change the MAC address.


The downside of this is, since it is a PPP system (one point is the ISP, another point is your router), you will not be able to access the modem this way.

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