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My Internet is very slow!

My Internet is very slow!

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My internet is very slow, it takes a long time for webpages to load and things to download. Here are my speedtest results, if its helpful.

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those results indicate a 768/128 connection speed.   do you know what speed you signed up for?  what are you supposed to be getting?


also a couple other questions. 


are you wireless or hardwired

have you ran the verizon speed optimizer.

and what are your results at the website

What browser are you using (firefox, chrome, internet explorer?)



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Its a modem connected with a router. No I have not done the verizon speed optimizer. And for the speedtest it says

Speed(Down/Up): 864 / 160 Kbps


Your download
speed is
0.741 Mbps

Your upload
speed is
0.107 Mbps.
I use google chrome


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that is pretty close to your subscribed speed.   so you may want to open task manager and see what your CPU useage is.  



here are a few programs to help clean your PC


your internet is moving quick but your PC is not.   do you have multiple pc's and are all of them feeling slow?   


don't forget to clear your cache and cookies 

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Oh okay. Yes I have an older desktop that is very sluggish.. But, I have a brand new Laptop so it shouldn't be moving slow.

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You are right the newer pc, as long as it is hardwired and free of any spyware malware and not unusually high cpu usage, should perform better. Is it running high usage?
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