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New DECT 6.0 Digital Phone Drops my DSL Connection

New DECT 6.0 Digital Phone Drops my DSL Connection

Contributor RTorg
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We've been running Verizon DSL service for a number of years without problems.  Our home is relatively new, about 1999, and we've never had any phone or phone line issues.  I have the mid-range DSL service (one step up from the base DSL service).


Today, we just purchased a new GE DECT 6.0 digital phone with a couple of remote handsets, specifically because they advertised "no interference".  


Our existing phone system has two splitters that came with the DSL self installation kit:  "2Wire DSL Splitter" - one on the kitchen phone and one on the office phone where the computer and Westell 6100 modem are located.


I replaced the old 900 Mhz base station phone in the kitchen with the new 6.0 digital and I simply unplugged the old office phone from the phone line and splitter, because the new remote handsets don't require phone lines.


However, now when we make or receive a call, our computer connection is lost.  Absolutely nothing was changed in the system except that the new 6.0 digital phone was plugged in just as was the old phone.


I'm suspicious that the existing (about one year old) microfilters on the two phones can't handle the signal for the new 6.0 digital phones, but I can't find anything on the internet that says anything about this issue.  I was forced to unhook my new phones and re-hook up the old 900 MHz phones to restore my computer connections, but I'm going to have to install some new phones somewhere along the line here and don't know if I'll have the same problem with 5.8 MHz phones or not. 


Are there new line filters that will work with the 6.0 digital phones and my DSL modem?  


Thanks much for any help you can offer.   



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Gold Contributor VII
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#1 Is this a wireless phone?

#2 Are you using a wireless router?

#3 What is the brand and model of the router?

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Contributor RTorg
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Hi.  Thanks for trying to help figure this out.


1) Yes, it must be a wireless phone, because the remote hand sets don't have to be plugged into a phone jack, only an electrical outlet.  The phone base station with the answering machine, is of course, plugged into the phone line in the kitchen near where it appears the phone line enters the house.


2) and 3) Yes, we've got a wireless router - a new Mac Airport Extreme that's been running for maybe several months without any problems.


Does this give you any clues?

Contributor RTorg
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I think I've got it fixed.  Your questions led me to wonder whether I was getting interference with the wireless router and so I did a quick check online and saw that some other people sometimes had interference with the Airport Extreme until they changed the default channel settings and found a channel that worked without interference on the router.


So I changed both the 2.4 and the 5 GHz channels on the Airport Extreme and my dropped DSL connection appears to be solved!


The new phones work and the DSL works like a champ. 


Thanks for giving me some clues to go on!


I appreciate it!! 

Contributor garsmack
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hi you mentioned you fixed this issue, I think i might have the same problem, but what i not sure of is how you knew what channels would work for your computer still. I had tried that and my network totally locked me out, I couldnt get back in. The GE company said it wouldnt be my network, as if it was, we wouldnt be able to use our phones at all. but thats not the case.

Could you let me know more specifically what you had done. 



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