Nice to know Verizon is decreasing speed again

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Nice to know Verizon is decreasing speed again

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 A few months back not sure if anyone remembers me , i made a topic asking people what was happen with my speed. But in the past for months my speed wouldn't even go up to 300kb anymore. For the past what 6 years or so since i had verizon my speed was always capped at 352kb or 351kb. So when i ask verizon about 5 times what was going on, they told me nothing. Finally the 6th phone call they said they decrease the speed , but never said why they did it. A 7th call someone finally told me something had to be fix on the line or turn back on. whatever that means.


Now for the past couple days, once again my speed is lower than 352kb, it goes up max now 347kb. or 340kb. 

Do i really have to go back to comcast soon, because i will lol. Now i have to call them again tomorrow and see whats going on. Why verizon keeps messing around with people's speed, someone needs to tell me.

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