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No DSL Service when it rains...

No DSL Service when it rains...

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Hi Phylisrn,

Please go to your profile page for the forum by clicking on your name, and look at the top of the middle column where you will find an area titled "My Private Support Cases". There you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis, as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions. Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.

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I do not see the suggested Private area..... thanks

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I am having the same issue as well. My DSL connection drops all the time even when the weather is fine, but usually rebooting modedm a couple of times helps.

But when it's raining I basically get no internet at all, like the last few days in Pittsburgh. It is quite literally unusable, and I have to stay in my office until midnight becuase there's no internet at home


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I have the same issue here in western MA.  Started about a year ago still not fixed and I'm not the only one on my street with issues.

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My DSL drop problem may be solved. My DSL dropped during storms nearly all the time. My original Verizon Westell modem developed a bad Ethernet connector so Verizon sent me a D-Link 2750. The Westell was at least 10 years old and only in the last year or so started dropping out during thunder storms.


The replacement D-Link was worse but it's one of the few Verizon provides "support" for. Considering it was a free replacement I went along. Now anytime there was any bad weather within 10 miles it dropped DSL and would take forever to reconnect. Sometimes it looked like it was up but had no PPPoE connection no matter how many times I reset or rebooted it. I love how when you call the help line they tell you "for faster service, log into Verizon web site" Geez, doesn't anybody at Verizon ever listen to how stupid they sound?


After fooling around for several weeks I decide to upgrade the DSL modem on my dime to something better. I got a TP-Link TD-W8980. Verizon offers no support for this unit so I struggled through learning how to set it up. It took a few hours comparing setup screens with the old unit and I got it running. **bleep** if it didn't start acting flaky the next storm that hit.


Now I'm thinking I wasted money on the new unit. So to eliminate the modem I went out to the Telco network interface box where the land lines from the local office tie into the house wiring. It says Telco use only on the right side, Yeah, sure!  It was loaded with bugs and junk so I brushed all that out. Then I loosened all the screws on Verizon side wiring, sprayed them with Deoxit contact cleaner and snugged everything down. I guess that was the first time they had been serviced in 30 years. Then I did the same thing on my side. I had recently replaced the wires feeding my connector block inside the house so these weren't as crummy as the Telco side.


But all the screws on both sides were not as tight as they should have been. Then I moved down to the ground connection where the Telco ground wire joins the house ground. I loosened the screw on the ground wire clamp, sprayed the clamp and screw with the contact cleaner and made sure it was really tight.


Then to insure I had a good ground I scooped a small area of dirt away from the house ground wire and dumped half a cup of pellet salt (water softener type) into it, tamped it down and watered it. It's an old trick I learned working on mobile Air Force communications systems when out in the field to insure getting a good ground for radio equipment in hard rocky soil. We used rock salt in a pit where drove a ground rod through the salt deep into the soil then watered it down.


I'm sitting here typing this in a raging thunderstorm, lightning flashing all around. Not a single drop out on my DSL. I keep my iPod tuned into Weather Underground radar to track storms ever since we got flooded in fall of 2011. I used to get so irritated when the DSL dropped out and I had to turn on the TV for weather updates unless it was so bad my satellite also dropped out! Just for the record my satellite did lose signal for about 20 minutes a while ago.


Anyway I realize this is long since the last post but it may help some one else.

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I've had this problem for almost 6 years - ever since I moved into this house and got Verizon Internet. Had several techs come out and check but they cannot find anything wrong with the line. One time it was a bad jack that did get replaced - my problem is that the water leaks inside my outside box. The last tech that visited said that was definitely the problem because my box was so old but Verizon will most likely not replace it unless it is damaged beyond repair - so I guess it is okay for water to leak in and potentially cause a fire? That is insane! So everytime it rains, I get dropped or my dpeed slows so much it is like having a freaking dial up modem. I am sick and tired of dealing with this just about every month. And now I lost service last night around 9pm and it STILL is not back up and working. As soon as another internet service pops up where I live, I am getting rid of Verizon - oh and the tech just put electrical tape all around the edges of the box outside to seal it better and it didn't help. 

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Sorry to hear that. I empathize. I'm not the only one in my community of 300+ homes. What they won't tell you is that if you have an issue after it rains, your cables are corroded. It isn't cost-effective for them to replace them, but they still charge me just as much as customers whose connection works. My issue is 5 years long. No hope in sight. If I had other options, I'd switch immediately.  

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My service fails when it thunders.  Modem/routers should be designed to reset themselves when connectivity is lost.  Are you listening to your customers, Verizon?

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