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Not getting the speed I pay for?!

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Not getting the speed I pay for?!

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I was paying for the 3mb speed but usually only got a little over 1mb. I figured if that's what I'm getting, that's what I should pay for. I downgraded to 1mb, now on average I get around 256K! If I was able to get the 1mb on a regular basis when I paid for 3, shouldn't I be able to get that now? What gives???
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Re: Not getting the speed I pay for?!

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#1 What is the brand and model of your modem?

#2 What is the brand and model of your router?

#3 What software firewall is on your computer?

This is plenty of questions, to start with.

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Re: Not getting the speed I pay for?!

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There are another two possible reasons.


Your phone may have reached contention which means that there are more customers using the service than the exchange was set up to manage.  Though selecting a lower bandwidth speed would have given you the higher speed.


Since your speed dropped on a pro-rata basis ie it still runs at 1/4 of the speed that you expected I suspect that your problem is in the phone line.  


There may be a noise problem in the line or a phone is connected direct to  the line and not through a filter.


Failing that your modem may be faulty.


I had a similar problem, the first time I had DSL and they could not find a problem but the DSL would lose connection and be un-usable for weeks at a time.  I switched to using verizon wireless broadband card for a couple of years.  Then went back to DSL.


I received a faulty modem but when the engineer came out to try and find out why the modem would not work he checked the line and find a series of loose connections going right the way back to the exchange.  Since then I have always gotten the speed promised. 




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Re: Not getting the speed I pay for?!

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Did Verizon Support have you do the following:

     Remove all temporary files from the computer

     Delete temporary internet files

     Defrag the hard drive---- keep defraging until it takes 5 minutes or less to run the defrag operation

     Install and run Malawarebytes-Anti Malware on "deep" scan to remove malware

     Run a good antispyware program suchas SpyBot 1.62


     As a computer repair person I was always quick to point the finger at Verizon but have found that recently with the increase in Malware infections (that your antivirus or antispyware misses) more than 60% of the problems are located on the computer.

     You also indicate that the problem has been there since you started using the DSL. Are you sure that all devices connected to the phone line have filters installed. I have seen many alarm systems "hard wired" into the phone lines and will drop the download and upload speeds by 50 to 70%.

     Have you gone to the DSL modem to see what it is receiving? is its address. If it says you are receiving 750 down then that is what is happening to that point and definitely points to the computer. If it says 200 or so then it is definitely a Verizon related problem. You can reboot the modem by entering the "Advanced" tab and "Reboot Gateway". Now check the speed once the DSL modem reboots and comes back online.


     Just a few basic things to retry. Good luck!

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Re: Not getting the speed I pay for?!

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Thanks for all of your suggestions. I've done all the typical "cleaning" of my computer. I do that on a regular basis. I do have an alarm system hard wired into the phone line, but I have this at my home and at my cabin. I don't have any problems at my home with my DSL speed, just the cabin. Could the problem be substandard phone lines being they are out in the woods?

 I had a tech come out when my service kept disconnecting and he found a problem between the (?) substation on my road and the main office. He got that fixed and my speeds were pretty decent. Not 3m but acceptable. What's bothering me the most is I KNOW I'm capable of getting 1m and shortly after I switched to that speed, it dropped to 256k.

 The phone lines in my cabin are new and I have one phone there with a filter.

 I didn't check what my modem was getting when I switched since it was shortly before I left. Once I go back to the cabin, I'll check it out. But again, since I was getting at least 1m before the switch, I know I am able to get at least that!

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Re: Not getting the speed I pay for?!

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i had the same problem with verizon trust me its not your computer or phone service it's verizon!!! dont bother calling unless you speak Phillapeano
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Re: Not getting the speed I pay for?!

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I have the same problem. My max download speed is in the low 300kbs. I paid for the 3mb plan. I got the westell versalink 327. The modem page says i'm getting 3360kb down but i had never exceeded a download speed of low 300s. It can't be my computer because there's 3 other laptops in my household and they're all the same. I only get the low 300kbs when i'm only dling w/ 1 computer. If i dl w/ >1 computer, the internet will start slowing down.
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Re: Not getting the speed I pay for?!

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the problem is that the 3360 is in kilobits not kilobytes, your download speed is in kilobytes.  if you convert 3360 kilobits into kilobytes it is an absolute maximum of 420 kilobytes, that is decreased by any network traffic and sometimes interferes with itself so that your maximum downloads over a multicomputer network (whether they are doing anything or not) around a max of 340 Kilobytes/second
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