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Online But Can't Download Verizon Dsl Activation Software Why?

Online But Can't Download Verizon Dsl Activation Software Why?

Device: Netgear Modem/Dsl
Plan: Verizon Freedom Plan
Location: Monongahela Pa
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I  recently  got   Windows 7 Home Premium computer

I  wanted  to  get  Verizon Dsl  High speed  internet

I  purchased  Verizon Dsl  back  in  August , They sent

Me  out  their  Westell Modem equipment  , I tried everything

But   Verizons  equipment  would not connect  me so i cancelled

Their  Service   than  I  got  Netgear 300 Modem/ Router Wireless

And  It  connected  me to the Internet  with no problem

But  the only  thing  is  , I can not download  Verizon

Activation  page   I  get  to the point of  downloading

Than after  i make  up  a  Email and  A  password

It  downloads  to  42 percent  than  I  get  Error Message

Does  anyone got  any advice , Netgear  support cant help me

And  Verizon online  technical  support  refuses  to help me

Cause  that   I  dont  have  Verizon  Equipement

So   who  do  i  turn  to?  {edited for privacy}

Thank  You,   Darren


Gold Contributor VII
Gold Contributor VII
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Can you access , yet on your DSL line?

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Device: Netgear Modem/Dsl
Plan: Verizon Freedom Plan
Location: Monongahela Pa
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I  get  Error  Code  30120-20525 when  i    try  setting  up  a   email  acccount  and password   than  it  stops  the Verizon activation  process  altogether  ..Yes   i  do have   dsl  service  when  i go  to 

Gold Contributor VI
Gold Contributor VI
Location: Texas
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A better question is why do you want to run the activation? All of the steps it goes through can be completed manually.


What are you trying to accomplish with the software? If it's just setting a username and password, then tech support should be able to walk you through setting those up without the activation software.

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Ok I get the same message at the same spot, I can't even pay my bill online and you have to watch that they add things on. Verizon is horrible just asked to speak to a supervisor and they won't put one on the phone they tell me no reason. Tech support is good for nothing it's a horrible system, Does anyone know if someone could come out to hook it up?  

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when i enter my user id and password i ger error code 301210-20525

Platinum Contributor I
Platinum Contributor I
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I'm curious as to what point of the setup you're getting this error. The Netgear is obviously working so you have an Internet connection. Strange that the Westell equipment Verizon sent you wouldn't work (it should have, unless it was defective). Anyhow, if the software is trying to configure the DSL modem, it is naturally going to fail. Your best bet is to see if a Verizon employee posts here during the weekdays to see if they can make you an account manually.

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I have the same problem as you, Verizon is horrible. I can't even get the wireless connection anymore and theirs hours of business is horrible for working people. They won't let me out of the contract either so I'm stuck staying connected to a wire till Nov. I will never use Verizon internet again.  

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I ned Help for Install modem router gt704wg

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