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Port 25 blocking for outbound email via SMTP

Port 25 blocking for outbound email via SMTP

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Hi there.


Just received an email from Verizon that they will start to block outbound traffic on port 25, and to use 587 accordingly. That all makes sense. However, what about third party domains that do not support 587? I have read that it may be possible to just use verizon's outgoing server, and specify the reply address as the third party domain. Will that work? I have a few email accounts that I use, for different web domains, all via outlook. 


Thanks in advance.

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I got a phone call that said Verizon plans to block port 25. My email provider only supports port 25 so I will have to cancel Verizon and pick another INternet provider. That's too bad - Verizon has been a pretty good provider up to now.
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I just spent an hour on the phone with Verizon support trying to figure out this Port 25 blocking problem as I have mysteriously been unable to send email using my SMTP 3rd party provider for the past few weeks. The support person was very nice, but knew nothing about port 25 being blocked, and in the end, was of no help.


I figured it out myself. Here are the settings you need to send SMTP email if you use a 3rd party email provider:


SMTP: port 587

Username: <your verizon username>

Secure Connection: None


Here is the kicker. The email address setting MUST be set to your Verizon address, e.g. <your verizon username> The reply-to can be set to your actual email address.


Good luck






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(25,429 Views) discusses a couple of solutions that don't require you to use a specific email address in the From: field.
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