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Question aboout fios plan

Question aboout fios plan

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Hello, this question has probably been asked 100 times already, but I cant find any answers. I want to be sure of this before I order.


I see here http://www22.verizon.com/Residential/HighSpeedInternet/Plans/Plans.htm


High Speed Internet with Verizon home phone service (1-year agreement)
Get $75 Back!


Power Plan

Download up to 3 Mbps / Upload up to 768 Kbps

Modem - $39.99
Gateway (with wireless router) - $54.99



I have verizon phone right now. So does this mean that I can have phone plus 3mbps internet for 40 dollars a month? 40 dollars for both? Thats what it seems to be saying, so I hope thats what it means.


If it doesnt mean that, you people are not advertising honestly. The only reason this thought comes up in my head is that I see here.

Bundle High Speed Internet + Home Phone 50.00 a month. The internet speed in that plan is the same as I have right now. 768kbps.

So how can the above plan be more expensive than the 3mbps + phone plan. It doesnt make any sense. Faster internet plus phone costs cheaper than slower internet plus phone. Please explain.  


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Not sure what you are really asking.


The $39.99 and $54.99 are the prices on the DSL equipment that is required for service. If you already have DSL service from Verizon, unless you want to add wireless, and don't have it already, you don't need any new equipment. These are one time charges for equipment if equipment is needed.


The actual service has two prices. In some locations you can obtain DSL service without having phone service either with Verizon, or phone service at all (Dry Loop Service). Basically if your phone service is already with Verizon,Verizon will give you a better price on the DSL service. However the DSL service is separate and distinct from telephone service. The price quoted is for the DSL service, and ONLY the DSL service. The Actual telephone charges are whatever telephone plan you are on, and those charges are generally regulated by the Public Utilities or Corporation Commission in your location.

DSL services are not regulated, so Verizon has a lot more freedom in pricing and packaging them.


Also just because you sign up for 3mb/768kb service doesn't mean you will actually get it. The maximum rates can be considerable lower if you are far from the Central office, or the copper wires between your home and the Central Office are in poor condition. 768kb/128Kb service is far less demanding on the copper wires, so just because you can get 768kb/128kb does not guarantee that upgrading the service to 3mb/768kb will actually provide that level of performance.

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