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Replaced modem but again same problem

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Re: Replaced modem but again same problem

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You need to log into your modem's interface and get the stats.
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Re: Replaced modem but again same problem

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#1 I believe they already know that.

#2 After they log-in to the modem combo, as need be, where in the modem combo is modem stats?

#3 In the meantime as I wait for you to reply...

Just an educated guess,

So if the IP address of the modem combo is not, fill in the current IP address.

I hope this helps you in some way..


If it does not, here are some clues to what you are looking for.


Clue #1 Sample screenshot at 


DSLR Forums » US Telco Support » Verizon » Verizon Online DSL » Post your modem stats?


That is a screen shots is from my Zoom X5 5615. From the main page (of the Zoom X5 5615), either going to ADSL Status on the top or going to Advanced and then to ADSL Stats.


Clue #2 Quick quote from that thread.




Item Status
ADSL Status Showtime/Data
Downstream Speed 3360 Kbps
Upstream Speed 864 Kbps
Standard G.dmt

Local Remote
SNR Margin 15.0 dB 8.0 dB
Line Attenuation 43.0 dB 24.5 dB
Transmit Power 1.19 dB 1.39 dB

Counters Local Remote
Interleaved Fast Interleaved Fast
CRC: 0 45122 0 357
FEC: 0 0 0 1
HEC: 0 13981 0 154




Clue 3 


Quick quote(s) from DSLR All FAQs » Verizon Online DSL FAQ » 9. Troubleshooting » 10490 Modem Line Statistic Numbers


Attainable Line Rate (AKA Synch Rate)


Used Line Rate


Fast Used ATM Rate


Interleaved Used ATM Rate


Relative Capacity (AKA Line Capacity)


Noise Margin (AKA Signal to Noise Margin or Signal to Noise Ratio)

Line Attenuation

Output Power

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Re: Replaced modem but again same problem

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Hey Cat1  I have had the same problem and a tech has been here was supposed to be here today but after 12 hours is an official no show. Anyway, i did some research on my own and found the following on 

on another post which explains the problem. I am asking the central office to work on this or I am switching to Comcast.  See if this helps:


You really need to look at the router logs. My bet is the copper pair to the Central Office is in poor condition. I just went to Fios, one of the reasons was problems with DSL. I could give you a pretty good weather report from the state of my DSL condition.  If it wasn't working at all, thunderstorms in the area. Warm Dry weather, pretty good performance. Heavy rainfall for few hours, poor performance. The modem reported the signal loss on the copper pair as 61 db, which is huge.

You get an idea of the age of the copper pair from the porcelain insulating block it sits on. House is vintage 1926, and I suspect the copper pair is almost as old.


The voice side will continue to work reasonably well even if you use chicken wire to the Central Office, DSL needs much better wire, especially if the run from the Central office is long.

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Re: Replaced modem but again same problem

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Okay, so I'm glad to see some other people having problems with this.  I posted my issue in another post, although was never asked to post my modem stats, which I would be happy to do.  I feel everyone's frustration.

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