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Hi all,


Is there a better, more recent router than the Actiontec? There are times when I am unable to connect to the router wirelessly and I am just feet away. Any suggestions / ideas?


Thanks a mill!!

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Re: Router

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There are better routers out there than the Actiontec, but I am curious, have you tried basic troubleshooting steps to see what the problem might be?


When you are unable to connect to the ActionTec, is your computer not getting an IP address or is it unable to associate with the built-in Access Point?


How do you typically resolve the issues you have with not being able to connect? By a reboot or by leaving it be?


Have you tried changing the Wireless Channel the ActionTec operates on to see if a new channel improves service?

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Re: Router

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My ActionTec router all of a sudden is working sporatically.  It will work on the laptop, but not on the Wii (get connection errors)

I noticed there is someone else in my neighborhood who recently has wireless - could that be interfering with my signal?  Should I change the channel on my router - if so, how do I do that?


thanks in advance !

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Re: Router

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Doesn't hurt to try if you think it's a channel issue.


Log into with the username and password of:







and once logged in (if you are prompted), click on the Wireless Settings from the top navigation. From there on the main page you should see all of the settings for modifying the Wireless Channel (Stick to 1, 6, or 11) and saving the settings.


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