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Severe weather reminder for our HSI customers

Severe weather reminder for our HSI customers

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Severe weather reminder for our HSI customers...

For information on HSI modem resets, click here.

Due to extreme weather conditions, there may be storm related power outages in your area. Your internet services will be affected until power resumes.  If you do not have power please contact your local power company.  If your power is restored and your internet services are still not working, you can report an outage, check status, request a new repair or update an existing repair online at .  If some of your Verizon services are working, but not all, you can use the In Home Agent application on your PC to troubleshoot and restore services.   We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Thanks but that didn't fix. The green lights on my Westell modem are all on except "internet". My phone is working fine. Can't find any website link showing outages for DSL & can't get through on the phone. Any other suggestions?
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Stop blaming the weather - it's the Verizon service.  I want mine out.  All they do is make excuses

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I have not had Internet since noon yesterday. I contacted Verizon support and they said the line was fine - but my Internet light has been red since it was out. Oh, I'm using my neighbor's Comcast network. I'm working at blinding speed comparatively to my Verizon. For the past six months I have averaged 5 minutes per page load. Verizon continues to shrug and mark the tickets as "resolved". Saying it doesn't make it so.


I'm off to Comcast this week for less $, better speed no **bleep** CS.


I will never, ever chose Verizon again.

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I don't know there was a severe  thunderstorm alert a few hours ago in the area taken me hours just to get this far.

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You can use the Verizon Troubleshooter report and try to fix issues with your Internet service, as well as to schedule a repair. You can access the Troubleshooter here: You can also find other tools on our Residential Support page that may help you diagnose your issue:


Feel free to post any questions in the appropriate forums here as well and a peer will try to help.

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Has the East Coast severe weather caused problems with the Verizon DNS servers????  I have had intermittent "unable to connect" issues throughout the day.  My router and separate DSL modem are working fine.  Some websites load right away and others, including Verizon dot com and dot net weren't even coming up.  I tried to do traceroute to a domain and got a loss of dns service after hitting the first Verizon server.  I just tried to tracert to Verizon dot net and had two timeouts while inside the Verizon system. 


I am getting to the Internet but something is happening while within the Verizon dns/backbone. 


Too bad you no longer offer network status with alerts for those who understand IP networks.


snippet of command line screen:


 4    26 ms    26 ms    26 ms []
 5     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 6    64 ms    65 ms    63 ms []


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It won't let me leave kudos for this post!  Typical!  Censorship!

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Not only the DSL, but even my landline is not working outside 911 and the local calls within the village (518589xxxx). I tried to call Verizon, and you have to waste 30 minutes with the automated menus just to get dropped.

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labfish6 wrote:

It won't let me leave kudos for this post!  Typical!  Censorship!

Please note that the ability to give out kudos comes with a longer period of membership. 

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