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Slow DSL Speeds?? Please post here. . .

Slow DSL Speeds?? Please post here. . .

Copper Contributor Mata
Copper Contributor
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Just tried to download a large file from Microsoft Downloads at 1:50 PM in NYC and got speeds of from 0 - 19.7 KB. At least 10 seconds were at 0; the average was about 130 B. This is terrible. We're paying for Internet access, not just DSL. Can someone respond? We can't email tech support, and I don't feel like proving to a phone tech that it's not my computer or modem. This is happening to my husband on another computer (same network)  and to my neighbor who hs a completely different setup.


Thanks, Mata

Contributor mdkarr
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About a month ago we also had issues. I called them and spent the long amount of time with them that we all do whenever we call in for help. The end result for us was that their facility had hardware issues and were working on it. It took three sdays before we had reliable internet back. Even then, there were some drop out. Today, again, we are having really slow connection issues. We are down to 100mbps and timeouts all the time with our browsers. I cannot conduct a small business using my phone all the time. This is unacceptable. This is what I get, I guess, for listening to my husband and switching to the less expensive internet service. "You get what you pay for". There needs to be a law that says if a company cannot provide you what is promised at all times, you get a credit back for the time they didn't fulfill their promise and they get fined by the government enforcing the law. That would definitely help our country get out of debt pretty quickly - don't you think?

Copper Contributor HotCactusPepper
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(apparently if you have html errors and are using Chrome the forum won't save your post text or tell you about the error)

Copper Contributor HotCactusPepper
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I'm actually jealous of everybody else's slow DSL download speeds.  200 Kbps sounds great!  My average download speed for the last 48 hours has been 40 Kbps.  I've reported it to tech support and they have about 30 min to call me back with the "you'll be called back in the next 24 hours".


Back story: Speeds were great since I got DSL in January, I once told somebody it felt faster than the cable I previously had.  Great until Monday...  No Internet for 6 hours, when it came back it was slow and by Monday night it was 15 Kbps.


I've tested it on multiple computers (one XP, one Vista), wired and wireless, in Firefox, Chrome, and IE.  I haven't tried moving the modem to a different phone jack, but it was working great until Monday.  Still can think of anything I changed.  From the forum posts it seems this is a common issue.  I also I have not tried resetting the modem to defaults yet, reconfiguring it is almost as annoying as the slow speeds.


Modem is a Westell 7500 (A90-750015-07)


Transceiver Information  Down Stream Path  Up Stream Path
DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec)   5824                            864
Margin (dB)                         6.3                               14.0
Line Attenuation (dB)        41.0                             21.0
Transmit Power (dBm)    19.8                              11.6


I've seen the down stream reach 6400...



Copper Contributor HotCactusPepper
Copper Contributor
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After 72 hours of slowness the download speed is back to 5 Mbps.  I never did get a call back from Verizon.  Came home and the modem had no connection to the Internet, powered it down, and when it came back the speed was as it should be.  I'll hold off saying it's fixed until I've had acceptable speeds for 24 hours. 


Lessons learned so far, none.

Contributor SHINKOIN
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You're not alone. I'm experiencing the exact same situation. When I was writing my post in my thread, my speed was sluggish. By the time I posted it, my speed was back to normal. It lasted for a while, but as of writing this post, it's back down to being as sluggish as ever.


Not entirely sure what the problem is. Just keeps fluctuating between optimal and **bleep** poor performance at random times of the day.

Copper Contributor HotCactusPepper
Copper Contributor
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Update:  still slow, but I've had several brief moments of proper speed.  I called tech support yesterday and as a part of their automated system it told me my recent ticket had been closed.  I never did get that call back.  It also told me that DSL customers in Lancaster, PA and Springfield, VA (near me) were experiencing problems and that their engineers were aware of the problem and working to fix it.  I hope they work on the weekend.

Copper Contributor jenstar13
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I'm having the same problem in Phila

I've got a 55k download speed

I'm still waiting to hear back from customer service


they are making cavalier telephone look better

and I've been with Verizon for 20 years

Copper Contributor HotCactusPepper
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Called Verizon again today for a billing issue. I know this is off topic, but maybe this is also happening to you.


 Apparently some kind of "technical" glitch keeps adding Backup and Security Essentials, a $11 a month charge, to my account.  I was told is happening to a lot of people and they're having trouble processing all of the credits.  If you don't call in and cancel it you'll be charged, check your bill.  Make sure to ask for a refund for the whole amount and not a pro-rated credit.


...then I asked about the slowness.


I was told that the local DSL loop cannot handle the 7.1 Mbps service I was sold.  I was told a downgrade to 5 Mbps would fix the problem.  But when the tech support guy connected to billing he was told that the account was already downgraded to 5 Mbps.  Since it was just done today I have to give the account 6 hours to stabilize before it can be escalated.  Hopefully I won't have to call back tomorrow.

Copper Contributor HotCactusPepper
Copper Contributor
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This morning the DSL was still slow and it remained slow this evening so I called Tech Support back to escalate the issue, nearly 24 hours of "stabilization" should be adequate.  But instead of escalating the problem, the tech support lady today said I needed a "profile" change.  She was unable to satisfactorily explain what this entailed.  But whatever, right?  She changed my profile and told me she'd need to run a 24 hour line test.  If at the end of the 24 hour test the connection was still slow then an autodialer will call me and inform me that I need a technician to visit my house.  We'll see how this goes.


I am a little annoyed that all of these problems started right after I canceled the $6 a month "inside wire maintenance" "feature" added to my account at initiation with my express consent.   Should a tech come out and find fault with my inside wiring then the labor cost is ~$110 an hour.  I should hope this unfortunate coincidence is just that.

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