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Slow High Speed Internet 1mbps instead of 4 to 7

Slow High Speed Internet 1mbps instead of 4 to 7

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You really need to look at the information at the bottom of the display 'more information' from the Argonne Labs NDT test.

That tells you what and where the throughput limits are.

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I had online technical support do a shared screen view, and they fiddled with my problem. 

They ran tests on speedtest.net and confirmed that what I was saying was accurate. 

They gave me a phone number to call. 


Voice Technical support at 800-567-6789


I called them. I was greeted by a computer that said my problems were reported and fixed. So I rebooted my router. 


Nothing has changed. 



So this is lame.

Copper Contributor Castlemaninc
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Online technical support was friendly, but they couldn't resolve the issue. They cleared by internet browsing history, deleted temp files, and reset a few things. 


Supposedly the live support people were going to

perform some additional 'offline' troubleshooting steps, like power cycling, hard reset, which we will be unable to perform online.





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Reading threads like this one is very frustrating. For what it's worth, we've been having the identical problem-paying for 7Mbps but lucky to get 1 Mbps the past week. Service has been all over the map, ranging from 220K to 5.6M. Prior to this week it was a rock steady 6.56M. I've done all the things that customer service would ask you to do in the past. Reboot the modem. Clean your cache. Reboot you computer. Etc. None of that is the problem. AND I noticed that Verizon has it's SYSTEM STATUS tool offline so we can't check to see if they are the problem BUT I suspect they are.

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The system status tool has been broken for as long as I can remember. Anyways, most of these slow-downs people are seeing are due to overloaded circuits or faulty equipment. Sometimes it's due to an edge router being at capacity. You just need someone to put in a ticket to the CO to fix it up. It's become a rather common issue now that FiOS is on Verizon's radar unfortunately. The thing DSL has going for it is the sync rate to the CO, which is the "guaranteed" bandwidth you can get to the connection, hence dedicated connection. Once at the CO, like any other connection you're going to run into shared points where problems can and will occur.
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The technician was able to visit me today. He was actually a great technician and redid all of the wiring inside and out. 


However, the speed problem was related to a congested pool that I was in. My speed was fast at 1am and below 1Mbps throughout most of the day. 


They put me into a new pool and now my connection is working great. 


My internet light was going off on my modem, not the DSL light. But all of my hardware and computers were fine. 


I'm really happy that the technician helped me out. He even fixed my neighbors phone while he was here. 



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I have to say it doesn't surprise me to come on here and see others reporting the same problem that I have been experiencing.

I have gone through hell with Verizon about my DSL connection. they bumped me up to 7 mbps sometime ago through a promotion they were having. I was actually content with what I had but you know you stick a carrot in front of a rabbit 
and its going to bite.  So I took it hook line and sinker. It was fast too and for a household with teenagers playing online games and all man what a difference it made over there so called high speed DSL at 3mbps.
It lasted for quit awhile to the point to where I never really checked my speed. Until after about a year we were reseting the router more often my kids would complain about the net and why is it their friends is so much faster and all. It finally got 
my attention several months later to where I went on and did a speed test. Viola there was the problem my so fast special package from Verizon I guess the honeymoon had worn off because I wasn't not only getting below 7 mbps I was 
getting below 3 mpbs lower than what I was setting at originally! I was paying for the 7 however and of course and now the promotion had run out so they had me buy the you know what! So I called tech support. HAH! that was a joke! Sir restart 
everything check your filters that has to be what it is it has to be on YOUR side it cant be US! So I did what they requested I even went out and bought all new filters its been awhile so why not. Got everything all back in order did my restarts 
Modem, router, computer, yadyyadda!!  ran my speed test urgh disappointment Verizon was so sure it was my stuff causing the trouble wouldn't even go above 2 mbps! Funny thing though Id watch it I became a speed test freak and in the 
middle of the day Id get 6.5 mbps!!! but just as soon as the clock would hit 6pm BAM!! down to 2 mbps!! very confusing. So I called tech support to tell them what I had discovered and they did everything short of laugh at me. Really **bleep** me 
off. Here I am not getting any help from them I'm trying to figure this thing out on my own and when I discovered something of importance they took it very lightly as if it couldn't be! So from then on out I wasnt nice to them anymore when I 
called in I was a grumpy **bleep** off old man that wanted some results and I was tired of the **bleep**. So they said somebody was coming out to my area to physically check the lines. can I be available on a certain day between this time and that 
time. Sure no problem, Well I waited and waited and waited NO VERIZON!!! Figures.
SO I called back the next day and demanded to speak to somebody there that has some kind of horsepower in tech support. I was put on hold for over 30 mins when a young female voice came on to see what I needed. I went through the 
whole story so far and how long this has been going on. She apologized and ran a line test and proceeded to tell me to RESTART EVERYTHING!! So I stopped her and explained that every time I call I get the same text book procedure 
thrown at me! IT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING!!  I hung up **bleep** again so I just figured I was going to be stuck with 2mbps for 7mbps price. A few weeks went by the speed was really eating at me and all the tech support **bleep** so I figured I'd call 
billing for a refund! 
I got ahold of billing for a refund of my money for the difference in speeds. Right away they wanted to send me to tech support to see if the issue can be resolved after all A REFUND? I explained to her all teh **bleep** I had already gone through with tech support and I was done with them already.  She stated that she can reroute me to the engineers!!! ENGINEERS!! The guys that built this stuff in the first place to see if they can shine some light on my problem. SO in the future if you really want real tech support call BILLING and ask for a refund then amazing things will start happening. I got connected with the engineering dept and was asked to leave my call back number. in less then 4 hours I had an engineer from Verizon calling me back wanting to know whats going on. Explained the whole thing. He told me to give him until tomorrow to puzzle it out and he'll be getting back in touch with me. In the mean time he's sorry for teh trouble that Verizon has been putting me through for the past several months.
He called me back the next day and explained to me what was going on and why my DSL service slowed down to a crawl and by 5pm today itll be resolved. After all you are paying for 7 so thatws what you should be getting no matter what.he stated.
As it turned out when I first got turned on for 7 mbps it was at the beginning of their promotion and evedentally it was more successful then they had anticipated. The router that my line was on became crowded therefore slowing down everybody on that router to a crawl. All they had to do was switch my line overto a uncrowded router and viola back up to 6.5-7 mbps instantly.
With that siad I went back tobillingand took as much of a refund that I could get for teh difference once that router becasme crowde andI wasnt getting what I paid for.
So if yoru DSL is crawiling ask themto please check your router population. It may or may not be your issue but you see what it took for them to finnally get to that conclusion.


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was fairly happy with the service up until new year's day, ( maybe jan / 02 )...


consistant, rediculously slow ( most of the time, less than 200 kbps, supposed to be 4-7 mbps....


talk about a monopoly.


my only options are satellite, or local cable access which requires a TV subscription ( already have DTV. )


Comcast serves all around me neighborhood, but not in it.


the only response I get from support line @ verizon... " we are having a maintainence on the server, our technitions are working on it...."


roughly 7 days now.


re-booted everythig, including router, which originally needed a seperate code from the manufacturer for me to set it up as a wired router ( to old school for wireless...or to paranoid... )




westell 6100g.


I need to get this fixed, and I know it's not the wiring, tech came once before, installed cat 5 cable direct from outside access box to computer ( modem )


Why can I not get support from the same country in which I live, and subscribe? as opposed to a trans-continental auto - answering system that has me on hold for to long.........only to have the system tell me my problem has been resolved.




and to top it off, now the "in home agent" hangs when it tries to obtain my user info...


If I could afford to move to a different home, I'd leave tomorrow, just to get away from verizon.

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lobo357, are your speed issues taking place all the time or are they only happening towards the evening? That's the key question there. Answer that and I can help you work your way to getting it fixed.
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I've been dealing with this issue since I switched from cable back to Verizon. I ordered the 1.5 to 3.0 Mb package and of course they provisioned it at 1.5 Mb, which typically runs at about 500 Kbps! I've been on support calls for over an hour seven different times now.Five of the times, the phone conveniently disconnected after about 90 minutes, and I never received a call back. The sixth time the support tech told me that 640 Kbps was acceptable! The seventh time, the guy was actually responsive and said that there was a problem and they would have a tech phone me on the following Monday. Monday rolled around and I received a phone call on my land line, caller id shows Verizon, I answer on the second ring, only to be hung up on immediately! Then My cell phone rings and I pick up on the first ring, only to be hung up on AGAIN! I don't see how they have not had a class action suit filed on them yet! I pay for 3 Mbps and get 500 - 600 Kbps?! Yet I'm held in a contract!? At this point I use my Tmobile phones 3G connection tethered to my PC. The verizon service is unusable for me, and they simply will not fix it. 

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