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Slow High Speed Internet 1mbps instead of 4 to 7

Slow High Speed Internet 1mbps instead of 4 to 7

Contributor 26msnking
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I have the same problem for more than two years....IThe thing is that verizon never informed me that since my residence is more than 10000 feet from the DSL HUB i cant receive the speed I was paying for. This is in violation of truth in advertising.I believe we have a case for a class action lawsuit. please respond so we can get the people involved for this inappropriate business practices.

I wish I could change to another provider!



{please keep it relevant}

Contributor johnakinjr01
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I've been having a very similar problem and am not at all happy with Verizon's resolution.


I've had Verizon DSL for 10 years. A few years ago I got a new modem that allowed for 3 mbps and I got that speed pretty consistently for several years.  Last summer I upgraded to the 4-7 mbps plan but never got over 4, and figured I'd call them about it eventually but it didn't seem that bad so let it go for a while.  However, in the last few weeks the speed started to drop noticeably and when I did a speed test it was topping out at 1 mbps.  


I called Verizon about it, went through an hour worth of diagnostics, and was told they'd send me a new modem and a technician would come check it.  He came out and was able to get it working back to the near 4 mbps speed (I took a screen grab of a speed test at 3.85) but he recommended I switch down to the 1.5 to 3 plan because of the distance from the office being too far to get 4-7 mbps.


So I call Verizon again to switch the plan, and they say OK at first about switching to 1.5 to 3, and do something to the line, when I turn my modem off and on again it slows back down to 1 mbps all over again.  I then call back to Verizon to try to undo whatever they did and they tell me "no, all that your line can do is 1 mbps" and now my service is capped at 1 mbps with no ability to go faster.  so they changed my plan to the 1 mbps and didn't give me any other options... (I spent about three hours on the phone complaining)


It's like going back from the old DSL to dial up and very frustrating.  The only other option in my neighborhood is time warner road runner, but I don't watch much TV so haven't been too psyched about it.  I don't know what to do...  I hope Verizon expands their fios network or something...

MVP Smith6612 MVP
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I've been waiting for FiOS for years. Unfortunately they released an announcement that they will not be expanding FiOS in 2011 except for areas where they already have active agreements. I'm not very happy to hear that considering the many homes Verizon's missing in my area who would love to sign up. Anyways, Roadrunner doesn't require Cable TV in order to get, you can just get standalone service. That's how they are in my area at least.
Contributor Devost8r
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I agree that there is a lawsuit here. A quick search on the came up with an attorney that actually specializes in thi exact matter. I'm going to give him a call. I really can't stand attempting to do business with this company any more. They've completely ripped me off.


To think, on all of there advertisements it says that speeds will be consistant all day. And then the fine print on your contract contradicts this right away. Horrible business practice.

Copper Contributor timncat2
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I wonder if the FCC and Attorney General know what is going on here. It seems someone has to get to the bottom of this. We as customers will never know why. I live 4 short blocks from the hub and I lose speed every night between 7-11pm and midnight on saturday night. I have the 10-15Mbps package and I go down to 1Mbps every night to the 1Mbps. The ad I used to get decide on Verizon is that I get the same speed because of a dedicated line even if my neighbor is on. A tech told me it is slow because my neighbors are on. Of course I was also told it is a software called "optimizer tool" that is doing it. Then again I was told it was on my end. It depends on the tech one gets. It is wide spread so it sure isn't at my end and a tech came out and checked and my end was good. I wonder how many calls the FCC got on this.

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