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Standalone DSL Subscribers

Standalone DSL Subscribers

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The vast majority of our DSL customers enjoy it as part of a bundle with reliable home voice and TV service.  By bundling, customers receive a better overall experience and value by having multiple services as part of a package.


Our decision to adjust the way we offer DSL service after May 6 more accurately represents the broadband customer base at Verizon.  By discontinuing a stand-alone DSL offer after May 6, we can control our cost structure more effectively, enabling us to continue providing competitively priced services to existing and new customers.


There will be no changes to service for all existing DSL customers. We’ve proactively provided existing customers a 30-day advance notice to make speed upgrades or downgrades to their existing service if they chose to do so.


Verizon Support


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So there goes the excuse for downgrading speeds due to someone canceling a phone line! But for the sake of things too, if Phone service goes south and DSL goes with it (pretty often it does), or vice versa it makes it "easier" so to speak to get a technician out. Call Voice Repair about Static, don't mention DSL, and before you know it both things are fixed if done right.

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I do not know what to think about this yet. On one hand, it makes sense for Verizon to simplify their product offering. On the other, it seems an awful lot like a cash grab to me.


I would be interested to know how much more my service will cost. I still have no interest in a land line, so there really is no added value for the extra service.

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I guess this means I shouldn't move?  I have neither a landline nor a TV and a no desire for either.  Wouldn't mind FIOS though.

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Is there anyway I can get speed upgrades when they're available w/out getting a land line?  I would gladly pay more for higher speed internet, but it's not available in my neighborhood.


I feel cheated since I literally got my DSL line last month.  Having to get a landline would have stopped me from signing up for service.

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Make another post in the DSL forum here and we'll see if your line can do more speed. Having a landline or not should not determine what speeds you get. It's more of a marketing thing than it is a techincal limitation. Technically, upload speeds on ADSL2+ can go to 3Mbps if landlines were not needed..

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I received the email as well about cutting off dry-loop DSL. I have been a DSL member for several years and this is disappointing indeed...


Need clarification. What is this "same account" How do I know if I login to my account?


If you currently have High Speed Internet without local voice service on the same account, there is no action required on your part to continue enjoying your internet service.

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By "same account" they just mean your current dry-loop DSL account on record. As long as that account exists and is not modified from a billing standpoint, you can have Grandfathered Dry-Loop. If you make a new account or make any changes to your current account, you'll be getting a POTS line.

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Thanks Smith6612


However, would be nice if there was an online display on my account that shows am being grand-fathered just to avoid any surprises.


As far as I know nothing on my account has changed except for the price increases every year..started at $14.99 then $19.99 and now currently paying $21.99 a month.


Is that considered a change from billing point of view?

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I don't know how Verizon will be counting as an account change, but any adjustments they make should not count against your grandfather status. It should only be if you adjust anything on the account through billing.
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