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Tech support has no clue

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Tech support has no clue

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Last week my 327 w dies.

A new westell was shipped to my address.

It was a 6100 f

There was no CD to support the new model.

At the same time I was trying to set up a wireless connection.

The CD arrives Moday.

After 4 phone calls, Tuesday evening I find out from tech support the 6100 f does not handle wire less connection.

And they made no attempt in billing to notify me that the old model had to be shipped back to Verizon.

The 4 phone calls made to tech support not one person made an attempt to tell me that I had the wrong model

Can't wait to see if they forget a CD with the new model

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Re: Tech support has no clue

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Save your self from Verizon support that is clue less, get your own modem combo.

#1 Zoom X5. This is the modem that I have. It is a Non Wireless unit.

b) To use wireless, get a wireless access point.

#2 If you want a Zoom router with wireless...

X6 DSL modem + wireless-G router + 4-port switch and firewall
X6v DSL modem + VoIP + wireless-G router + 4-port switch and firewall

#3 Since you want to use Wireless, others may be...

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Re: Tech support has no clue

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      A month ago several folders of saved e-mail disappeared along with their contents.  At the time I was creating new folders so I assumed I must have hit something even though I couldn't imagine how it could be possible.  After all, even emptying your folders is a 2 step process.  When I called tech support I was told that once they're gone they're gone,  While sharing the screen with the Verizon tech about 300 e-mail that had previously been deleted came flooding back into my Inbox.  Now, I empty my deleted folder every day so these should not even exist, right? (Of course the saved e-mail didn't come with them.) The tech obviously didn't understand what he was seeing and so just talked around in circles leading back to the folder's being gone forever until I gave up and accepted the loss.

      Yesterday morning I emptied my deleted e-mail folder, proceeded to handle the new e-mail in my Inbox.  When the Inbox was clear I went to lunch.  When I returned, my Inbox contained 74 e-mails that had been previously deleted and cleared from my deleted folder over the past 3 weeks along with copies of several others that I had transferred to other folders that day.  

      In 2 hours on the phone with tech support they never addressed how this could happen without anybody touching anything, nor why these e-mail even exist since they were deleted and the deleted folder emptied, except to say that they had been saved to the Server.  It occured to me that if these were "saved to the Server" where there was no way for me to access them, then copies of all those lost e-mails must also exist on the Server.  We talked around in circles for 2 hours with him saying there was no way to access the Server except through the e-mail files, yet here were deleted e-mail that couldn't be gotten through my e-mail.  Obviously all e-mails are saved someplace that we can't get to and there has to be a back door into that location, but this guy was no help.  Finally he said he would have his supervisor call me in half an hour.  That call never came, but a little later I received the Verizon e-mail hoping that I was satisfied with my tech support experience.

      Later I tried again, but this time on chat.  I was asked repeadedly for my e-mail address, phone # and name.  The problem was never addressed and I was referred to phone support where this nightmare began.  Has anybody run into this e-mail situation of folders dissappearing and trying to recover them?


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Re: Tech support has no clue

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I TOTALLY AGREE, TECH SUPPORT HAS NO CLUE. COMMUNICATING WITH A CLUELESS ONE IN INDIA IS AT BEST A TYPE-A-THON, AT WORST,  A PROBLEM WITH NO SOLUTION. Tomorrow I am calling Verizon (vice the chat) and giving them the ulitmatum of fixing the problem or discontinuing my service. I am tired of the chat sessions in which I have to totally rehash the problem and ultimately have the session stopped (i.e. waiting for reply). It seems like they are actually disconnecting your chat. Probably because they cannot solve the problem. I also wonder if anyone in Verizon actually reads any of these forums. Probably not, the forums are just here for us to vent. One entity will be happy, the local cable company will gladly sign me up for Internet.
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Re: Tech support has no clue

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ya i just got the same 6100f and it keeps on kicking me off the net andit comes back on every 30seconds. But i was also surprised it didn't come with a cd. but i called and they have no idea whats wrong with it so they are sending me a new 6100F so hopefully the new one works
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Re: Tech support has no clue

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verizons dsl tech support is in the phillapines i had to flip out on them and i asked "oscar" where are you, i know you are not even in the same country, there is noone who would ever do tech support named sunshine in the usa!!!  if you want to speak to someone in this country according to oscar that is not possible!!! LOL love Verizon!!
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