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Terrible Customer Service?

Terrible Customer Service?

Contributor fmlastname
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Registered: ‎07-19-2010
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Has anyone else encountered AWFUL customer service when moving from a location where FiOS was available to a new home where it is not?   We're making the move and have been trying to get DSL in our new home b/c I couldn't stomach going back to Comcast and their abysmal service.  I thought we were all set when I put in the order to cancel our FiOS service and have someone come out to the new house to install a phone jack for DSL, the sales rep scheduled everything and I thought we were in a good place.  Well, after I wasted an entire day sitting in our empty new house waiting for the tech who was scheduled to arrive between 0800 and 1700, I finally called in and spent an hour getting bumped around from department to department before I was told that our original order never included a phone jack request and that they hadn't sent anyone out because of this.  Then they told me they couldn't reschedule me because no one was around, but that they would call me back the next day with my new appointment.  Sadly, I actually thought that would happen, so after all day Friday came and went without a phone call, I called in and everyone was gone for the weekend.  So, then on Monday morning I spent two full hours on hold and getting transfered to different departments only to be told that I would receive a callback with my new appointment.  I figured they wouldn't call back and I would have to break down and go with Comcast, instead they called me back and told me the earliest time they could get a tech scheduled to come out would be 8 days later.  So, now I'm stuck with no internet in my new home until a week after we move when I should have had it a full week before moving.  I'm really close to just calling Comcast and seeing if they can install internet before Verizon, and if so I'll probably bite the bullet and go with them.  I'm wondering if this is an isolated incident or if, after 4 years of great service as a FiOS customer, this is what I should come to expect from Verizon as a lowly DSL customer?  Anyone else suffered through a similar experience?

Contributor ConfusedinNJ
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My biggest frustration with my Verizon DSL problems is continual breakdowns on central office equipment without the ability to refer them a trouble directly.  My latest outage (24 hours) from 9/2/10-9/3/10 was a bad router in the central office.  In six months of service I have been out of service eight times.  The frustration is customer service in India cannot refer a trouble to Network in NJ (where the problem is) without following a protocol which requires I recheck my modem & PC adnauseum with them, even though the issue is a broken connection between the modem and the server.  This is true even after a network trouble is issued. If you call them back for status, you need to repeat all the non problem finding checks, to get a status on the real problem in NJ. 

Contributor wsb79
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I have also had terrible problems the last 7 to 8 months in new jersey with very similiar issues.

Contributor mtaylor2k2
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Ive had a problem with intermittent connectivity the last two weeks, and it seems like every time I call them, they have a different explanation.  The last two days, i was scheduled to have someone come to the house to troubleshoot, and no one showed up.  Some people I talk to say it is a problem with the central office, and will be resolved in 12 hours, but they have been saying that for the last 9 days.  Other people schedule a tech to come to my place, but they never come, and dont bother calling to let me know, yet they demand that I wait there instead of going to work in case they show up.

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