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Three MODEM's and Counting - V Tech Support Still can't get me connected!

Three MODEM's and Counting - V Tech Support Still can't get me connected!

Contributor Dwardo
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Registered: ‎08-07-2019

Over a month ago I called Tech Support about VERY low speeds (80 KB). The tech convinced me that I needed a new DSL router/modem. I got a D-Link modem from Verizon ($50). Hooked it up and it connects to DSL and everything on my network but NOT to the internet. Spent HOURS online with a tech. They sent me a second MODEM exactly the same as the first with exactly the same symptoms. After untold hours on the line (again) with T.S. they have sent me a THIRD (Actiontech) MODEM and it behaves exactly the same way! My OLD MODEM still works but the internet gets very slow, especially in the evening. I think they've just oversubscribed their lines but WHY won't these MODEMs connect to the internet. None of their techs can figure it out! It has to be some setting, password, wrong protocol, or something. I can't possibly have three defective MODEMs.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as all Verizon Tech Support seems to know how to do is to send me new MODEMS.

Gold Contributor VI Gold Contributor VI
Gold Contributor VI
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If you have 80 kbps and three modems then it sounds like there could be a wiring issue. The issue could be something outside on Verizon's side of the demarc or even the wiring in your house. I would contact Verizon and have them send out a technician to troubleshoot. When you login to the modem at with the modem that does work what are the bit rates?

Contributor Dwardo
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎08-07-2019

Thanks for your repsonse.  I will try to look at that. When I log onto the modem though I usually can't get past the "Home" screen.  VZ claim to have run tests on my lines and they say everything is fine. The fact that my bitrate goes up to 2.5Mb in the morning and down to < 100Kb at night makes me think it probably is NOT the modem, but still not sure why my old modem will connect but the other three won't. 

It defaults to PPPoE. Is there any way to tell if that is the right protocol? I tried to connect with DHCP too but that didn't work either. It kept saying, "waiting for DHCP lease." I can't seem to get a good answer from their techs online... I guess it's not in their script.

Contributor Dwardo
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎08-07-2019

Well, my old, working modem says 3359 down / 856 up for the speeds, so I really don't think it's the line. It is currently using DHCP to connect to the internet. When I hook up any of the new modems the status says, "Waiting for DHCP lease." This is probably a dumb question, but is it possible that they have sent me modems for fiber when I have copper wire?

Copper Contributor nethead
Copper Contributor
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Your sync rate looks good for a 3mbps package. I don't know what your SNR and attenutation are but my guess is you are correct; they oversubscribed your DSLAM and that is why your speeds are low. I have the same problem - as low as 50kbps, with pings ranging between 300 and 700. Though these days the slow speeds happen more often than just at night.

Try factory resetting one of the other modems (there's a recessed button you need a safety pin or similar implement to access.) If that doesn't work, I'm out of ideas.

Wish I had some better words of advice, but until we get broadband regulation in this country, this sort of thing is going to continue to be commonplace in underserved areas.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Are you located in a particularly rural area? Your sync speeds look correct, and suggest that you're on an ADSL2+ DSLAM. If you're on an Adtran TA1248 IMA DSLAM, these are very troublesome for congestion, and the only solution is for Verizon to upgrade the DSLAM to something better. If your neighbors see the same problem, it's certainly congestion. Verizon may or may not be able to perform circuit grooming.


To tackle this problem, talk to your neighbors and see if they encounter the same problem. If they all do, Verizon can't blame your modem anymore.

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