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Trying to reset dsl password.

Trying to reset dsl password.

Device: model 327w15-06
Plan: basic plan
Location: brooklyn, ny
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Ive been trying to reset the password that i have.  The loggin username and password do not seem to  be taking.  This is just the first issue in my mission here.


Im trying to secure my wireless network and put a password on it so others who do not know it cannot use my network.  It is currently unsecured


ALso i Would like to Secure/ or Set

1Versalink 327w gateway password


3WEP encryption key


Ive tried the support pages online ( ) and the usernames and passwords that i have. Including the initial passwords i made for the modem and my account username for But none of it seems to work.  Through most of the gateway i need the admin password.  I even tried the all popular default, admin and password.  That didnt work too.


Ive tried installing the CD again that it came with and its not working too.

Device: model 327w15-06
Plan: basic plan
Location: brooklyn, ny
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Issue resolved


The password, the default verizon router password was, admin:admin


That was changed, the WEP key was enabled as well.


Thanks for the help

Device: model 327w15-06
Plan: basic plan
Location: brooklyn, ny
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Very good tutorial.  Check it out.


Personalized routers


How can I find my Actiontec GT704WGB network's WEP key?

If you haven't changed your WEP encryption key, the default WEP key is provided on a sticker on the bottom of your Actiontec router.

Your network's current WEP encryption key is stored in your Actiontec GT704WGB gateway. As long as you know your router's user name and password, you can access the security settings where the WEP encryption key is stored.

To find your network's WEP encryption key:

  1. Open a Web browser like Internet Explorer.

  2. Enter in the Address field of the browser. [Show Me]

  3. Enter your current user name and password. If you didn't change the user name and password during installation, enter admin in the User Name field and password in the Password field.


  1. Click OK.

  2. Click the Wireless Setup icon. [Show Me]

  3. Note the level of WEP encryption in Section 5.


  1. Your network's WEP encryption key displays in the Key Code field.

  2. Your network's security settings are also displayed at the bottom of the Wireless Setup screen. You may want to write them all down and put them in a secure place for future reference.You will need these settings any time you make a change to your home network or add devices to it.

  3. Close the Actiontec configuration window.


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