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Unable to access internet on initial setup (Macbook)

Unable to access internet on initial setup (Macbook)

Contributor jaimers526
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My internet service was activated yesterday and after following all the steps in the guidebook I was able to find my wireless network and enter in the password.  It is showing that I am connected with full service however I have absolutely no access to the internet.  I have called Verizon tech support three times and no one was able to really help me (one lady just kept telling me to plug and unplug the same cord).  They said they would have someone work on the problem from a remote location and give me a call when it was fixed however it has been almost five hours since then.  I was wondering if anyone else had problems when setting up to a Mac problem and if there is an easy solution (ie. maybe I need to change the settings on the Macbook?)


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Bronze Contributor I
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jaimers, sounds like you need verizon to assign a ip to the modem call them up n tell them that is your internet light on or off?

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Platinum Contributor III
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What router did you receive from Verizon? Is your Wi-Fi, to your knowledge using WEP security? I find Apple devices tend to be a bit iffy with WEP encryption.


Also, just make sure your operating system is up to date. Connect the Mac to the router using a wired connection and run a system update. Sometimes the updates include fixes for Wi-Fi issues that come up with certain equipment.

Contributor BParker
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I have been a Mac user with Verizon for a number of years. I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you, but have this recent experience: Verizon used to have a number for Mac tech support but when I called it last month I found it it discontinued. I had to use the regular number, and the tech said they now handle both Windows and Mac. That is not good; Windows people are not Mac people. I asked them to help me with the setting changed Verizon said are required for MacMail. The tech was in the Philippines. He obviously did not know the Mac settings as he had to refer to manuals and another person for assistance assisting me. We were on the phone a LONG time for something that should have taken 10 minutes. Unfortunately, I allowed screen-sharing; I would not do that again. The outcome: my main email account stopped sending and receiving and now won't accept the password; and my sub-account doesn't send from my new computer. Fortunately it still sends from my old laptop. My sub-account webmail works, but my main account doesn't. I didn't call their tech support again yet as I was in the middle of a job and couldn't risk losing email altogether. Now I have to deal with them again. I am going to look for a new ISP, preferably local where I hope to get the customer service I need.

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