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Unable to install online experience software

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Unable to install online experience software

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I just got Verizon DSL less than a week ago and already having problems; the online experience software will not install.  I log into Verizon Central, select My Account and my online experience was set to just Verizon, so I click "Change".  I want AOL so I select AOL, go through all the motions of installing the software. I select that I want to create a new AOL account because I don't have one. I input the password I want, it asks me if I want AOL 9 VR, I select no broadband extras, I chose Custom Installation, it looks as if its installing the software and then I get "Error 9011 Please try again later" with Exit as the only option.  So I click Exit and it closes out the whole installation. I do this oh only a BILLION more times and the same Error 9011 is what I get.  


So I thought I could just use my AIM screen name so I went through the install again.  I went back through the Verizon Central, click Change for the online experience and this time I chose that I already had an AOL screen name.  I select AOL 9 VR, I select no broadband extras, I chose Custom Installation so I could see what it was installing, it looked like it worked this time, but on the final screen I have no AOL address in the email field and I also notice that the AOL 9 VR had not been downloaded to my computer.  I go through these steps a BAJILLION times wondering what the heck am I missing? Its just an install why is this not working?


So I thought alright, let me try just using the Verizon CD. I go through all that and FINALLY the software installs! I thought it was success but little did I know Verizon was destined for more failure.  I checked Verizon Central and saw that it had changed to AOL. Perfect.  So I go to login to AOL 9 VR and to my surprise I can't login.  The only sign on options I had were "%" and "Guest".  I selected Guest but then got error "invalid screen name".  After hours of searching on why I was getting this, I found that its because my screen name was only an AIM screen name and that I would have to create an AOL screen name, so I went to AOL.com, chose free account and created  a new screen name. But now the problem is I have to logon as Guest every time to get in. So I thought if I uninstall the AOL 9 VR software and try again it should install correctly. NOT!


Now, when I go to reinstall the AOL software using the existing screen name, it does not even get that far using the CD or online.  it goes through the motions of installing the software, I select AOL 9 VR, I choose Custom installation but when I view the list of software its going to install, although I chose AOL 9 VR on the previous screen, its not on the list  of software its going to install. SO I thoguht I'd change the online experience to Yahoo and then go back to AOL that would work, but it didnt either. Now the installation starts off as AOL, and then in the middle of it, it switches itself back to installing Yahoo software. and thats the point where I'm at. I have tried installing it from teh CD and online and both start off installing the AOL and then it switches back to installing Yahoo.


 Sorry for this long post but seriously, Verizon needs to get it together. It should not be all this complicated just to install some software. I havent even been a Verizon customer for a week yet, and I'm already disgruntled.  And although I have not called them yet, I am really not looking forward to calling Verizon technical support to speak with someone on the other side of the planet and I already know what their answer is going to be ... "I'll send up a ticket" because I had problems with my home phone when they hooked it up and thats all they ever did.


So does anyone have any answers on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance. 

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