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Using non-Verizon modem/router for HSI

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Using non-Verizon modem/router for HSI

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I decided to upgrade my modem router combo, as a result of having current age techno hardware except for the Verizon hardware. My old Actiontec verizon modem router was at the "G" level of speed at 54 mbps, only about 4 years old and I got it last March, 2012. 

So I purchased a Netgear D6200 which will go to the ac speed, which is up to 867 mbps wireless on a 5 g network, and that is what I am achieving. It is working correctly with my verizon hsi (and I only can receive the 3 mbps internet from Verizion via DSL, since FIOS and other higher speeds are not available in my area from Verizon or pretty much anybody except Cox via coax and the Cox constantly rising prices is why I left Cox), and the modem was easy to configure and I have had no problems with it. I also bought a Netgear ac speed USB2 adaptor(no usb3 is available from Netgear in a wireless adaptor) that will achieve the ac speeds. My built in wi fi in my desktop is only up to the b speed but it was a freebie card thing, and I usually have the desktop wired to the router. My laptops are at the n speed and gigagit networking ability, and I do achieve the ac speeds on those as well with the Netgear A6200 usb adaptor. This works with Win 7 and Win 8. I can also use the adaptor on the desktop so I'm very pleased with these two upgrades on my wireless networking and internet use hardware.

I just thought I would share what I have bought out of pocket, to use my Verizon internet at current tech levels of competency. Too bad that Verizon wanted me to pay $35 for a modem upgrade only to the n speed, I decided if I had to pay that I would upgrade to current technology out today.

Thanks, Debra

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Re: Using non-Verizon modem/router for HSI

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I believe Verizon will only carry wireless N routers at the moment due to the fact that wireless AC is still in draft. Wireless N has been standardized.  But, glad to hear you got things working well enough. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try asking for higher speeds to be delivered over the DSL. Most folks coming directly from a central office or from a specific type of remote terminal can get speeds reaching to 7Mbps or 15Mbps.

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