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Verizon DSL High Speed Internet Optimizer

Verizon DSL High Speed Internet Optimizer

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Hello All...


I just got DSL with 3mb download 768kbp upload. Coming from dial-up, I'm loving the speed. I've been testing the speed of my connection periodically and I'm getting around 2.8mb for download and 569kbp for upload speed. I have not use the HSI Optimizer yet. Does it really help increase speeed? Will it make a mess of my settings? Am I already getting the average optimal speeds for the 3mb package? Everything is working just fine and I'm wondering if I should apply the old saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it".


Any advice would be appreciated.




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A 3mg service is Ideal if your living next to the Central office.  If your getting 2.8, don't mess with it.  That is a terrific speed.  I live further from the office and I was getting 2.6.   The Optimizer is great for computers that may be hosed...or one that has had so many Isp's that the software is all confused.,
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Thank you Provider7 for your reply and suggestion. I will leave "well enough" alone. Smiley Happy



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Hi Folks,


The speed optimizer on Verizon webpages help is recommended. I have been with Verizon of Calif since they were GTE and know them well.  Mostly, the down speeds will not be too affected by this optimizer however, if you are using outlook, outlook express or thunderbird email software, the optimizer is highly recommended to achieve the rated speeds you are paying for.  Web browser email is not afftected so, the up speeds are usually par with the pkg you have.


My up speeds are on average increased by 40% by optimizing and I just confirmed this is the same even with FIOS recently. A neighbor has the 20 down 5 up speeds, was recently installed a few days ago, the tech confirmed all was in spec.  2 days later, I took his computer to FIOS optimizer and his up speed ramped up from 4.8 to 5.4 using outlook express.


I'd say if you are using web email...don't bother optimizing.

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Where is the link for the Verizon DSL High Speed Internet Optimizer?

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Try this link...CLICK HERE
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I have tried the optimizer on several ocasions and it always says the optimization fails, any help as to why it might be failing?

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Whenever i try to use the speed optimizer on windows 7 for my 3mbps connection it says that it is  not updated but when i click to update it, it says that it failed. I am using internet explorer. Currently my speeds are around 1.5 Mbps.... i guess i live pretty far from the office. Also if I upgrade to the 7.1 mbps service, about what speeds would i see?

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You should get close to 7.1 download speeds if the advertised speed package says so.  The ISP usually cranks up the bandwidth to allow for distances if they apply to long runs from the CO which means, you should get close to what you are paying for.  Anything less, could be phone lines not in good condition at connections or possibly a bad router/gateway or even a bad NIC/LAN device in your computer.


If you pay for 3,000 kbps and only get 1,000 kbps there's something very wrong between the CO and your computer, if your computer has no issues.

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