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Verizon Internet Down nationwide?

Verizon Internet Down nationwide?

Contributor Trident50
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On outage sites people all over the country are saying Verizon high speed internet isn't working. When I called I got a recording saying it would be restored today by 4pm EST.


Why isn't there any information on Verizon's site about this???

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Gold Contributor VII
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High speed internet = DSL

Fios high speed = Fiber optics


assuming you are talking DSL that was out I can not say why.

i do know Fios was on and has not gone out.  


Call verizon and ask them if service to copper has been restored.

Silver Contributor IV Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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Asked my Grandmother who has HSI/DSL in Philadelphia area she said was working all day. I have FiOS also in same area and wasn't down. Probably just something in your area. If still not working then you should call them. 

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Platinum Contributor III
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There were some outages related to CenturyLink recently which could have impacted access to wireless customers and websites, depending on where you were or what you were trying to visit. Verizon DSL and FiOS hasn't seen a wide scale outage to my knowledge, and generally the outage sites will show a typical level of noise from day to day.

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