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Verizon Yahoo Home Page

Verizon Yahoo Home Page

Contributor RichardMM
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10-21-2011:  For  two days I have been banging my head on the LOGIN trying to reach the Verizon Yahoo Home page on both my Desktop and my Laptop.  It will not load.


I can get to email via a tortuous route.  But can't get to my Bookmarks on my Laptop for which I depend on the HOMEPAGE to provide access!!!!


Yesterday I did an OnlineChat with "Honey" and after TWO HOURS and downloading Mozilla FireFox got nothing except a Yahoo "Latency" [site down ????].


Today I downloaded Internet Explorer 9 as recommend at help, could instantly get Homepage Screen, tried to sign in and created ID protection.  Nada.


So I think Reboot and try again.  Now do NOT even get generic Homepage.


WHAT THE {word filter avoidance}GIVES ?   Is Verizon going to the dogs?  I never got an email or snail mail notice of any changes.  And I have been a loyal customer and use their Internet Security Suite too.


It appears that I am hung out on a limb and left to wither.  Maybe I should change my IP.


I am really {word filter avoidance}


WHAT THE {word filter avoidance} GIVES?

Contributor Deadicated
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I've been having the same problem as well as my Caller ID keeps going out through my TV; also all my Favorites are not working on the web site since you added your cutsie little hearts. Frankly, I'm getting ready to have Verizon taken out of my house for good. I already filed a BBB complaint and I will do so again, all very time consumimg and my time is money. Very annoyed, I've had it!!!

Contributor RichardMM
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I called VERIZON DSL Tech Support, just got off phone:  Answer is:  Yahoo is upgrading this (VerizonYahoo Homepag) site and some customers and regions are affected.  I happend to be one of the lucky ones.  Verizon evidently has not had that many complaints to date.  The Tech assurred me that their specialists are and will follow up on this.  The Tech expects that it is going to take a couple days to get things back to normal.  So I just have to wait.  He also promised to call me Tuesday to see if I could get on.


I hope this helps others who are having similar experiences?

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Platinum Contributor III
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I honestly have not seen any downtime with http://verizon.my.yahoo.com/ but there may be times where it could be down for whatever reason, but for days? Nope. All websites have problems from time to time, some problems are not related to them but a 3rd party along the route. But if you have trouble even logging in, you should be able to log in at:




Or at any Yahoo website with a login link at the top.


The Verizon login does not require your full e-mail address for their site. Logging in on Verizon's site will log you into the e-mail and anything else Yahoo. Logging in at Yahoo requires your full @verizon.net e-mail address (or Username) but will do the same thing. Hope this has something to offer since you can't seem to get to the Verizon Yahoo! branded homepage.

Contributor foxtrot72
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im using both chrome and firefox cannot retrieve my home page from either

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