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Verizon Your Domain

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Verizon Your Domain

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I was on the webmail, I saw an ad for personal websites.  It said that I could have a website with my own domain name for about $20/yr.  Has anybody else seen this?  If so, has anybody tried this service? Is it worth it?
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Re: Verizon Your Domain

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What is Verizon domain??  “Verizon Your Domain” is a service that enables consumer or business customers to link a set of personalized and permanent email addresses (for example, to their existing email addresses.         Features     ·        With “Verizon Your Domain,” customers can keep their linked Verizon email accounts, even after they have disconnected. ·         VASIP open model product and can be ordered only online at  ·         Verizon Tech Support provides email support for ACTIVE customers who have a “Verizon Your Domain” email address.  ·         Nine custom e-mail addresses ( with up to 4GB of email storage ·         Provides registration for a Website (for example and the easy to use Site builder        


    What is linking??  When customers purchase a domain (eg.  the email address automatically gets linked to – and both accounts remain useable as long as the customer pays for the service. 


 Ø  Verizon Your Domain” currently costs $19.95 per year only    Process:-   ·         All billing questions related to Verizon Your Domain and all questions about creating or hosting the customer’s Website should be transferred to Hostway at 866-423-2530.·         Verizon Tech Support provides email support for customers who have a “Verizon Your Domain” email address.  ·         Customers with a “Verizon Your Domain” email address who have DISCONNECTED their account can get online help with email questions at  


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Re: Verizon Your Domain

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I have owned my own personal domain for the past 15 years now and I pay Verisign (Network Solutions) $140.00 every five years.  That calculates out to $28.00-a-year so Verizon is selling domain names cheaper than Verisign.

If you want to purchase your own domain name from Verizon, the telephone number to call is:  877-988-3775. 


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