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Verizon coupon pop ups

Verizon coupon pop ups

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Would someone PLEASE tell me how to get rid of the annoying coupon pop ups that are on the home page of Verizon!  It is getting so bad, that I am thinking about changing providers!

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A possible fix is to stop using that web page as your start page..


For example if you are using Firefox as your web browser:


#1 In Firefox go to Edit -> Preferences -> General.


#2 Set the home page to something else other than what it is set to..



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Adblock Plus for Firefox/Chrome.

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So you recommend about firefox.  Does it stop there or is there a fix for it across different ISP's.  I have verizon home page with obscure coupons that pop up.  I actually have to have verizon as my ISP and not have the home page?  How awkward is that.  This is like buying food and just storing it for someone else.  The sad thing is my PC was down for a bit.  I had a new power source and fan bracket in the machine and this started happening.  I know that you are using mozilla but that is not my preferred ISP. Too many holes.  Can you guide me to resolution through IE-8?

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Firefox is more secure over IE. Until Microsoft de-integrates the browser from the Operating System and also removes ActiveX support it's always going to be that way. I myself use Google as my homepage, even though I use Verizon. If I need access to my Verizon account, I simply visit the appropriate website and go from there. Browsers across ISPs don't make a difference as to who you have, as it is simply a case of having software on your machine. I use Firefox at work where my employer is their own ISP, at home on Verizon and Frontier, and at friends homes who have Time Warner Cable or Verizon FiOS/DSL.


Unfortunately Ad-blocking in IE is just terrible. There are some Add-ons you can install as well as some HOSTS files available on the Internet to block many common advertisements, but it isn't as nice as ABP for Firefox/Chrome is. Short of that, it's browsing in Text-Only mode and disabling JavaScript to break all advertisements and pop-ups.


You could install IE7Pro (It's an add-on that works in Internet Explorer 8/9) which does have Ad-blocking nad adds some nice features to IE. It isn't the greatest in Ad-blocking though:

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Verizon pop ups are offensive. I too would  like a way to stop them. Does verizon even care?

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I disabled my Verizon and Yahoo tool bars and the annoying verizon popups disappeared.

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Thanks for the advice about disabling the Verizon Tool bar.  I did that and the horrible coupon pop-ups are gone.

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