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Verizon ignoring customers

Verizon ignoring customers

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Verizon continues to IGNORE what is to happen with the high speed dsl end of the of their services being sold to Frontier. Nowhere in the facts on this website is there any mention of what is to become of the high speed dsl service and how Frontier Communications will be handling it. There was no mention of it at all in the letter mailed from Verizon to Illinois customers.  Furthermore the contact number for Frontier Communications in the mailed letter only routes back to Verizon. And the customer reps on that end also know nothing about the dsl end of this divestment. In fact the first person I reached seems to think Verizon is only getting rid of the traditional based phone services to Frontier and nothing more. However being as dsl is attached to those traditional phone wires it is very much a part of the deal.  I even called Frontier's toll free number and was on hold for over close to one hour before I gave up and hung up the line. If this is a sign to what is to come for customer service we really are in for one heck of an experience with this new company.  I am still awaiting an answer from Frontier Communications via their email for the central region contact information.  I'm beginning to think it may well be within reason for soon to be former customers to seek a possible new carrier other then Frontier.  If anyone has been successful at contacting Frontier over this issue and knows the level of dsl service they plan to provide and or if they plan to honor customer's contract for life price plans from Verizon, please post here so that I and others can know.

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You may want to look here for more information:


Here's a snippet:

The transaction includes Verizon's switched and special access lines in the affected areas, as well as its Internet service and long-distance voice accounts.  Also included are fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) assets deployed by Verizon in 41 local franchises and the state of Indiana, which pass approximately 600,000 homes and small businesses.  Frontier will continue to provide video services in these areas after the completion of the merger.

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That still does not answer the details of pricing and dsl service that Frontier plans to offer. Will they honor the price for life plans that many current Verizon customers have including me?  What about this 5GB cap of data that is reported on some consumer websites?  These questions need to be addressed so that those of us who prefer unlimited and low priced high speed internet can transition to a new carrier if Frontier plans to not honor the current Verizon for life and uncapped dsl service.  I happen to be fortunate enough that Verizon/Frontier is not the only service provider of phone and or internet. There are other options such as wireless.  However I only have stayed with Verizon because of my $29.99 for life plan and the fact that wireless is not always the most stable and requires frequent fine tuning.  As Ive stated I've yet to see either Verizon or Frontier give the details on what is to come with the dsl service, neither in the mailing they sent nor on the facts sheets on this website.

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