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Verizon internet keeps disconnecting

Verizon internet keeps disconnecting

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Has  anyone  else  in  the East  been  having uissues with  your  connection   cutting  out?   My  connections keeps going  out,  numerous calls  a  new verizon  modem  and still   it cuts  out  sometimes  multiple times per day.   Usually  in  the evening  when    demand  is highest .  Any suggestions  for  a diferent  DSL  service   I am  sick  of Verizon  and  its  very  poor service.

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I'm on the East Coast and am not having an issue. Normally drop-out issues are isolated incidents, not so much a region-wide issue.


If the drop-outs are taking place during the evening hours, it's a good idea to consider what your modem is doing these drop-outs. Is the Internet light out, red, lit solidly/flashing green? Is the DSL Light out or flashing?

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Just to clarify, DSL is a independent connection to the internet. You have a dedicated line from your house to the central office (where the dial tone/DSL comes from). So you are never sharing a connection with someone else.  Have you attempted to call the DSL service department to troubleshoot your problem? If not even providing the tranceiver statistics from your modem would be a great start to solving your issue.

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Yes, in Washington DC, this problem has been horrible for about the past two months.....glacially slow connection of around Point 40 MBps when I'm paying for speed up to 3 full Mbps.      Worse than that, almost every day, it completely drops the connection, often several times a day.    Rebooting the modem is the only thing that gets it started.  For less than 10 bucks a month more I can get RCN cable at 25 Mbps, but the real reason I'm leaving is that Verizon tech support is HORRIBLE.

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I am also in the East and have been having connection problems for a month. Mine is more severe than my neighbors. I happens in the late afternoon and evening generally. I have had line noise prblems in the past which affected phone but not internet. Maybe I have a modem or filter problem. When everything works, pinging tells me my connection is great. Very frustrating!

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@Harborjay: Try posting the tranceiver statistics for your modem. Take note of what lights on the modem go out (ie: DSL, Internet). Most people only notice problems with their connection late afternoon and evening because that's when they are on the computer the most so keep that in mind. "pinging" rarely ever tells of a problem with the connection.

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