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Vonage + Verizon DSL (westell versalink 327w) setup issue

Vonage + Verizon DSL (westell versalink 327w) setup issue

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For the last 2 weeks I have been working with Vonage to get my new Vonage modem + Verizon DSL (westell versalink 327w) setup.  I worked with 4 different Vonage tech supports and they sent me 3 different modems, power adapters, and Ethernet cables.  The issue is the same every time. There is no INTERNET connection from the Verizon DSL (westell versalink 327w) to the Vonage modem.  The Vonage INTERNET port on the back does not even light up.  I called Verizon DSL and they were not willing to help. They want me to buy a 10 Month premium support.  The premium support was a BEST efforts to resolve the issue.  My brother has Verizon DSL with the same mode Westell Versalink 327W modem.  I was able to get the vonage modems to work with his Verizon DSL (westell versalink 327w).  I need help figuring out how to get it working with my  Verizon DSL (westell versalink 327w)

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Sounds like you should try the pcwintech port forwarding toolat

Try to post your port forwarding rules if you want us to take a look and also what physslical lan port your plugged into.
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Is the "Internet" light supposed to indicate the Vonage device having Ethernet connectivity, or does it indicate that it has obtained network information from the Westell and has connected to the Internet? If you can tell us this information or give us the model number of the Vonage device, that might help us out a bit more.


On some Vonage 4 Port Linksys routers I've seen, the Internet light simply indicates Ethernet connectivity. It doesn't indicate whether or not the unit has actually connected to the Internet or if it has even obtained IP information from the network. You can only obtain that information by picking up the phone OR by logging into the administration page on it.

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