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Weeks of massive slowdowns on DSL

Weeks of massive slowdowns on DSL

Contributor Cout
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I probably got the same overcrowding problem here near DC area (Laurel, MD).  Back in September, a technician fixed the connection between F1 and F2 which is if I remember somewhere between the CO and the DLSAM.  My modem was loosing Sync about 50 times a day an each time the phone was picked-up.  I had to call the Executives line of Verizon to get thing fixed. I knew it wasn't coming from the inside and I told everytime the support that it was coming from outside.


Now, since December 28th (about), I'm experiencing drop of downstream speed and margin on the Modem (Westel 327).  From Sept to that date, I had 447/1787 (margin around 20-25) stable, no disconection, no random reboot.  I reboot or off/on my modem almost everyday.  During week days, I get my speed back and stable until about 7pm in the evening.  On staturday and sunday no chance to get my full speed.


WHat should I do, call the exec line agin instead of the usual call support line ?

Copper Contributor HS345
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Hello Cout,

I would call the executive line if it got you results before. It is almost impossible to get any results whatsoever, using regular support.


I am still dealing with my slowdown. I have been told my line was moved to a different router at the office, but I am still experiencing slow downs every night, albeit not as bad as before. I have a field technician coming out today.


I will update later.


I believe this DSL problem is systemic, and until Verizon takes some real action, such as expanding, and upgrading equipment, it will continue to occur. They are obviously oversold. But that's just my opinion. The problem is obviously widespread, just a little reading on the various forums will tell you that.


Best of luck Cout.

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Copper Contributor HS345
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Hello all,

Well after the visit from the field technician, my problem seems to be resolved.


The tecnician tested my lines from here, and found no problems. He then performed a couple of command line ping tests, and a trace route test, no significant problems. 


My line had already been previously switched to another supposedly "less crowded" router, however, the technician informed me that he was personally familiar with the equipment at my local CO, and he said there is only one router available at that location. Huh?


Anyhoo, he also got on the phone with someone at Verizon, and was told by whoever was on the other end, that they would try switching me to another circuit, I didn't exactly understand what that meant, but I believe it has to do with the way the signal is routed, electronically. 


Anyways, so far so good, no more slow downs.


I highly recommend the Verizon Direct support at Broadband DSL Reports.com forums.

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Silver Contributor III
Silver Contributor III
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@HS345 wrote:


I highly recommend the Verizon Direct support at Broadband DSL Reports.com forums.

The beauty of this link is: Verizon has employees that monitor that section as part of their job so you get personal attention. .


Copper Contributor norcris
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HS345, congratulations! I'm glad you finally got your problem solved Smiley Very Happy Thanks for the link, hopefully it will help others with a similar problem.

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