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Westell 7500 Configuration Question

Westell 7500 Configuration Question

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Rant:  This router has to be the most confusing router in the world.  I'm sure some {please keep your posts courteous}  decided that changing all the normal names of things would make things easy for the typical end user, but in my case it just seems to look like something that Microsoft does in every upgrade to confuse {edited} us all - like change the names of things and move all the menus around.

End rant:


I want to do something very simple.  I have 5 static IP addresses for the DSl line.  I have the Westell 7500 router/modem working fine for outgoing.  Great (although even that was weird until I realized that VCs was the same as WAN IP or Internet Ip on any other router I've ever seen.  Now to allow incoming I need to set up an address translation for each of the five static IPs so that they hit the correct internal web server.  How {edited} do you do this on a Westell 7500?  I just need someone to tell where this ability is buried in this weird screens and what stupid name they have decided to call this ability. 


{please keep it relevant} 


By the way, I know I could find this out myself but I'm hoping that someone else has already done this and point me in the right direction.  BTW ... Verizon basically informed me that they don't support multiple PC networks with switches, firewalls, etc.  Hmm ... I wonder what they think "BUSINESS DSL" means??



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#1 How about putting the 7500 into bridge mode?

As how to, see as need be:

In case that link fails, go to the support area -> Networking -> connecting a third party router to your home Network -> and then to the VersaLink 7500 gateway.

#2 and then each router behind it, can setup to use it's own public static IP?

b) OR each computer can be assigned to use it's public static IP?

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