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Westell 7500 settings

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Westell 7500 settings

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Hi All,


After searching and searching, I can never find a CLEAR answer. Going to give it a shot here, hopefully someone can help me resolve the issue and others can refer to this page for their issue in the future.


I have the Westell 7500 and I keep getting Moderate NAT when I try to log into Xbox Live. I've called Verizon, as you all are aware: They can not help. I called Xbox and they said call Verizon. I checked with Westell and they referred me to Verizon. So, someone is beating around the bush. I'm sure there are hundreds if not thousands of Xbox/Verizon customers with the same issue. I had Time Warner prior to Verizon, service and speed was much better for online gaming. I've wasted a lot of time dealing with customer service and would like to some how get my issue resolved.


I'm not a techie so please work with me. I've tried to play around with the modem settings with no luck. I purchased the 7Mbps from Verizon and they ran a test over the weekend on two of my computers, One wired which tested fine 7mbps and a wireless lab top pinged back with 2mbps. I thought the customer service rep gave me a bogus result for my lap top since my speed on it was fine. I have 2 wired computers and about 6 wireless feeding through the unit (I live in a 3 family house)... The Main computer that is wired always has great speed. But my wireless seems to have a brain of its own, sometimes fast and slow.


Here's the kicker: I have 2 xbox units, one wired and one wireless, BOTH lag in the day during game play and BOTH have the NAT Moderate message. If we play at night, around midnight, there is no lag, but that is not ideal to wait until that late.


Could someone please advise! maybe provide screen shots how the router settings should be set for this situation? Especiall for Online gaming? I do not want to cut off other computer connections in my hosue. Is there anyway I can manipulate the speed of all the connections?! Make some computers fater then others? I can not purchase anything better as I maxed out with 7mbps with Verizon. I'm not sure what needs to be done... Please help!!!


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Westell 7500 settings

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Could anyone advise? thanks


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Re: Westell 7500 settings

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#1 Is UPnP in the router turned on?


#2 Are you manually forwarding to any computers?


#3 Is any computer set to use a Static IP?

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Re: Westell 7500 settings

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I too have a moderate NAT problem that I can't seem to fix. I've been able to get it to open before, but cannot keep it that way, by fiddling with modem settings but not knowing exactly what I'm doing. I do know, however, that a main reason this happens is from UPnP not being enabled. Thats where my modem is having problems. I enable it, but when viewing the device details it lists the device as not being UPnP enabled. If someone could please help and let me know what could be conflicting UPnP from actually being enabled I would greatly appreciate it and your time. Thanks


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Re: Westell 7500 settings

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if your having problems with moderate/ strict nat setting for Xbox live or other online programs the web site is you friend with step by sep instuctions.


for xbox live 360 users here is a direct link for the westell A90-750015-07 model


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Re: Westell 7500 settings

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SO what is the question? Changing the Nat, or why your lagging? The lagging part  is easy, you have a  7Mbps service, and 8 devices sharing the same service. If they are all on the internet, your getting less than 1mbps per device. At night, is the least lag because everyone else is probably asleep. The Nat part is also easy with the 7500. But I would suggest giving your xbox a static IP address if your sharing with 7 other devices, because everytime you turn off your xbox, your probably going to get a different IP address. You'll also need to turn the portforward settings on for Xbox Live. They are already preset on the 7500. You just have to go to the portforward section of the router, select ADD the bottom,change the drop down to Xbox Live, click the Host box and then it says to choose a device or IP address, give it the IP address of  your xbox and hit apply, and that should work. You may have to enable the Universal Plug and Play as well.


I hope this helps, I had the same Nat problem and whenever I tried joining a match in Modern Warfare, it took forever. I did what I'm advising you, and it worked. Good luck, and happy gaming!

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