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What does Verizon offer in the way of wireless modem/routers?

What does Verizon offer in the way of wireless modem/routers?

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My stepson currently has verizon DSL service and right now has a single port, Westell 6100 modem/router for a wired connection only.  He's getting a new laptop and wants to continue to connect his desktop machine directly to the modem/router but wants to connect the laptop using it's built-in wireless "N" NIC.


The issue is that my stepson is VERY non-technical and I feel very stongly that the best direction for him is to go with a wireless modem/router that is provided by and supported by Verizon.  Can anyone tell me what make/model of wireless modem/routers Verizon is offering and whether any of them are supporting wireless "N" vs. the older wireless "G" standard?


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Hello there,


You are on the right track!


I just traveled this road myself. You're right if you don't use verizon equipment nothing else will work.


Contact verizon DSL support tell them based on your application you want a VersaLink Model 7500 by Westell

It's a 4 port plus wireless combo modem/router.

It will address all your application wishes. Tech support  will assist you with the set up.


Trust me you are going to love this Westell hardware.


Hope this helps Good luck!



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According the Doc at it looks like all of the Verizon modem/routers are all designed to comply with the wireless B/G standard, not the N standard.  If this is old information and anyone knows of a verizon-supported wireless N modem/router, let me know.

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