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What dsl speed can be expected?

What dsl speed can be expected?

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I have had a problem with a Westell 6100G modem requiring a visit from a tech.  Problem corrected by running a cat5 cable directly to the jack connecting the modem.  He measured 10mbps at the jack but speed tests on several web sites produce an average of 5mbps.  I believe the specific modem is restricting the speed.  Could on of the Actiontec 11mbps or 24mbps modems allow the greater speed or is it controlled by the Verizon central office?

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There are many things that can affect the speed of your internet.


1. What speed are you paying for

2. How far are you from the CO.

3. Are you Wired or Wireless

  • if wireless, what is your signal strength?

We need a little more info on your setup to give any intelligent replies. Otherwise it is all guesses


Error exists between keyboard and chair.
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My current plan calles for speeds up to 7.1 mbps.  My actual speed is averaging between 5 and 5.5 mbps.  I am less than two miles from the CO and have bothe a wired and several wireless computers.  The **bleep**hest located wireless computer has a signal strength of 4 bars minimum.  Apparently I misunderstood the tech as when he mentioned an 10 mbps being available at the wall jack where the modem is attached. Thanks for the info.

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Your actual speed will the lower of the either the Speed Verizon has provisioned you for (generally slightly faster than the advertised maximum speed), or the highest speed your modem can successfully negotiate with the Central Office.


The negotiated speed is generally a function of the quality of the copper pair between the modem and the central office, and the length of the copper pair. If you look at the transceiver statistics on your modem, it will tell you the speed it has negotiated, as well as levels and losses in the copper pair.


 In some situation it even varies according to the weather. If you don't have  good copper pair, odds are Verizon is going to say tough luck. DSL services are not tariffed, so Verizon isn't legally required to offer it to every customer, nor are they required to deliver any specific level of service if it isn't a tariffed service.


Basically Verizon is selling you the provisioned speed, but depending upon distance and/or line quality of the pair, you actual speed could be considerably lower. If you want the provisioned speed to be your actual speed, you usually need to go to a FiOS connection. FiOS connections tend to be an all or nothing proposition, and are not impacted by either the weather or distance from the CO.

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Thanks for your input.  The Verizon tech installed cat5 cable to the jack where the modem is connected and installed a whole house filter for the voice line.  The modem statistics are as follows:

Line path ADSL_2plus


Transceiver info                         down stream                  up stream

DSL speed                                     5888                                863

Margin                                               10.8                                 16.8

Line attenuation                               44.3                                 21.2

Transmit power                                13.0                                 12.1


Any interpretation would be appreciated. 

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with those ratings/numbers you need to have them make sure that you are on fast channel and not interleaved provisioning and if the speeds or numbers stay the same, you need them to address the line issue, be sure to tell them that you have a home run from the sni/nid to your dsl modem, so that they don't have you mess with splitters and filters.



all vz modems can get the upto 10 mbs,  24 mbs and above won't matter, because you can't possibly get that speed anyway.



don't worry about the modem.   they may send you one in a vain attempt to restore the connection (sometimes it works but not too often) you're real problem is your max speed isn't capped by the phone company but likely the quality of the line.   a tier ii person and a field technician need to get on that and test it and fix it.


that field tech at your house should never have left the house with speeds and ratings like that.



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Verizon web advertising is deceptive.  At the time of initial order for upgrade and confirmation by a tech at the residence the line to the house and modem is capable of more than the 7.1mbps advertised.  It is stated that speed can be up to that amount but was advised the line quality would provide those speeds.  Now after many phone calls and numerous Live Chat sessions the latest info is that Verizon arbitrarily capped the speed at 5mbps.  Not exacltly slow but less than advised was available.  This is in Massachusetts.  Anyone else have a similar situation?  

Plan: Turbo
Location: Los Angeles
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In LA, I paid for Verizon Turbo for up to 7.0Mbps.  I tested regularly, called them a lot and never got above 1.2


I just switched to TW Road Runner last night and I hooked up my modem today (which took 15 minutes).  I put it thru my wireless router and have a laptop and xbox on it. 


TWRoad Runner advertised 15.0Mbps.  I've been getting between 14.2 and 14.8 for the last three hours!!  AND -- it's $3 cheaper on a six-month promotion and not much more after that. 

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Device: dir 655
Plan: 3/768
Location: Ohio
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Verizon support told me that on my 3Mbps the minimum should be no less than 1.6 Mbps. It don't maintain that after 5pm, I am lucky if I get 1Mbps after 5pm. I would guess the minimum for a 7Mbps would be around 3.2-3.6Mbps. I don't know where or who sets these standards but doesn't seem to matter if they meet them or not.

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I switched to a 7.1mbps plan a few months ago and have never received anything close to that speed.  Tech support said, "the minimum acceptable speed for 7 mbps is 4200 down and 400 up."  I usually test it in the morning when only the wired desktop is on and I have only received the quoted speed a few times.  Usually it is between 3.6 and 4.1.  I'm now stuck with a year contract and service that is slower than I am paying for.   I have been with Verizon since 1994, but I probably won't continue with them anymore because of the years of bad DSL service and horrible customer support.  Don't get me started on the 4-hour torture session I endured when the new modem broke all my internet and they couldn't fix it!  I ended up having to figure it out myself.  I usually know more than the technicians I'm speaking with and I'm tired of dealing with people in India or wherever their tech support is.

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