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When will FIOS be available in my area?

When will FIOS be available in my area?

Contributor lalpuzzlenut
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We have the High Speed Enhanced Internet, and it's way too slow for our needs.  I keep checking, and am told that the highest-speed Internet and FIOS are not available in our area.  Is there any way to find out when they will be coming?  It's so frustrating to be bombarded with ads for FIOS and not be able to sign up for it when there are people within several blocks of us who have it.

Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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Generally Verizon has been pretty good about building out the entire municipality once they get started and have a franchise agreement. You have not stated whether or not the people living a few blocks away are in the same municipality. If they aren't, then Verizon probably has been unable to get a franchise agreement with them (The Cable companies put as many obstacles as they can in the way of new agreements, because it means the customers will have a choice, and invariable that means loss of some cable subscribers to FiOS).


However until Verizon has a franchise agreement with the municipality you are in, you aren't going to see FiOS service, even if they have fiber optic cable on the other side of street, and the people across street (in another municipality that has a franchise agreement with Verizon) have FiOS.

Contributor streamtech
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I have the same question. I am from Basking Ridge, NJ 07920. In my development 300 yards away homes on Carnegie street have FIOS for about 4 years now. However, Landau street where I am still doesn't have FIOS. Can somebody from Verizon answer this concrete question - when will FIOS be available on Landau street in Basking Ridge considering that the franchise agreement is there for other streets in the same town, even in the same development?

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