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Who to Contact to get DSL SERVICE IN OUR AREA

Who to Contact to get DSL SERVICE IN OUR AREA

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We live in Lunenburg County/Keysville.  I have called Verizon numerous times asking when or if we will get DSL or high speed internet of some sort in our area.  The answer remains the same....."Not in your lifetime."   This aggrivates me to no end, becasue I have a home business, college students, etc that need high speed internet.  I have Wildblue lousey Satellite service.  Its one step above dial up, with limited usage, which means I can not watch videos (which I use for school and business), I can not listen to audios, and a lot of webpages wont even load mainly because they are all tweaked to high speed internet. I cant even get on business webinars anymore. Im paying a ton of money each month for service that is less than adequate.

Verizon needs to realize there are MANY people out here that desire high speed internet.  WHO do I appeal to?  After all, I think we are only about 3 miles outside the substation.  I would be willing to rent my property to Verizon to put a substation here if they want to.  I would be willing to pay for them to run a stupid wire out here!  I dont think they realize how much high speed internet affects the entire world.  Heck, I cant even get a decent cell phone signal here.  One bar if I'm lucky on a good day. 

If someone can tell me who to call, appeal to, yell at, etc, etc I would be most appreciative.  Not having high speed internet has been the subject of many family feuds, because we have to watch like hawks how much useage we use every month. And with four adult users for business and school, it goes very quickly. It has held us back in many areas.

As a Health and Wellness coach, Business owner, I have had many times where I needed to do classes online, and couldnt.

PLEASE Im begging you .....anyone can lead me in the right direction for a change I would be eternally grateful.

Ive called Verizon, and they just pass me over to someone else, who passes me over to someone else, until I finally get cut off.  Poor business Verizon. If I had another choice I would have left you long ago.

Thanks so much in advance for anyone who steps forward with information on how to get them to put DSL out here. I hear them tell me it would cost a lot of money...uh excuse me, you'd make it back in no time with customers!!

Thank you

Robin Brostovski

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Platinum Contributor II
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If you have Telephone service, you can get DSL service provided Verizon has installed a DSLAM in a nearby remote or the CO if you're close enough. 3 Miles of Telephone wiring is pretty much the limit for DSL in many cases.


What I would do is ask others in your area, as well as yourself to mail the Verizon Headquarters in Manhattan, and ask them to strongly consider bringing DSL service to your area. It's unlikely you'll see progress anytime soon since FiOS and LTE is Verizon's concentration now, but I'd like to give you guys the best of luck in getting rid of the Satellite connection.


It might also be worthwhile to see if there is a WISP available in your area. There's been a lot of smaller providers popping up in recent months setting up Wireless connectivity. I'm not talking about getting capped 3G or LTE access from Verizon or AT&T, I'm talking about those using conventional Wi-Fi equipment and shooting it out over long distances. They are also an option. Finally, if Sprint is available in your area, they do offer Unmetered access to their network. See if they are an option.


Do you by any chance have access to a Cable Company? It might be worthwhile to ask them to install DOCSIS equipment in your area along with everyone else, since they will probably be a bit more motivated to install the equipment for you. Cable modem service, even if it does suffer from congestion like Satellite and sometimes DSL, will be a lot better in the long run until something better shows up. For the meantime, see if your place of employment can help pay a portion of your Internet bill, if they are comfortable with getting something such as a Fractional T1 installed in your home.

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Actually, any high speed internet will work as long as it is unlimited.  Anything is better than Sattelite!! AND its untrue that if you have telephone service you can get DSL.....I called 6 different providers/phone service, etc and none of them would come out here. They all said that even if they could provide it, they go thru Verizon. 

What is a DSLAM , WISP and CO??  I'm not user friendly when it comes to all this new junk thats out there.

Sprint is in the area, but we cant get it. 

The sad thing, Sprint doesnt offer any high speed internet in the area anyhow.

Cable companies go to the towns only around here, as does FIOS.  Nobody wants to run the cables down the side roads.

We did look into broadband..cost is rediculous and we would need an antenna.  The cost to set up would be about 200.00.  Then the monthly fee was about 100. And there's no guarantees we would even be able to get signal. 

After directly speaking with people from Verizon who did nothing but pass the buck along to someone else, and then just disconnect me....spending hours with other providers....and then told by verizon repair people (after they laughed in my face) that we would never see high speed internet, because Verizon refuses to put money out of pocket to put it out here.  The real trip is, they had about 30 servicemen working for them, and now they have 6.  Do they still need the repair guys? YES because now it takes them 2 weeks to fix my phone, when in the past it only took a couple days at most.  Verizon is just money hungry...obviously they arent hurting for business!

SO...WHO do I call and HOW do I get VErizon to listen!   We are suffering here and really need high speed internet...not like some who just WANT to have the luxury of it. We actually NEED it!  How do I get that across to them!!



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A DSLAM is the device that allows you to have DSL signal on a phone line. It needs to be installed nearby and the copper wiring must be in good shape, but if one is present and is in range, DSL should be available. "CO" means Central Office, and "WISP" means a Wireless-based Internet Provider. "RT" means Remote Terminal, which would contain Telephone and possibly DSL Equipment to extend service from a Central Office.


Really though, unless you can get a Wireless service from a WISP or another unmetered provider, your best chance in getting DSL would be to get others near you to write to Verizon's Manhattan office. Telephone won't get you very far.

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I live in fauquier county va and my cross street gets dsl and I dont who  can I talk to about that?

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Platinum Contributor II
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If DSL is that close, it would be something to ask Verizon Engineering about. It may be a case of an incorrect database. Other times it's the case of your street being on another trunk line or the DSLAM (usually in a remote for this case) is out of capacity for more lines.

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I can certainly sympathize, I too was told for several years by Verizon and Comcast that they would offer high speed in my area but they had no idea when that might happen. After too many years of this story and promises from politicians that they would bring in high speed, I decided to take matters into my own hands and contracted with AT&T for a full T1 line which is about 1.5Mbs. It was very expensive but I had a plan. I put up wifi equipment to spread it out and offered high speed service to my small town for about $50/month. I had enough takers that it more than covered my T1 expense and customers had to pay an installation fee to make up for some of the cost of equipment.


Then about 4 months later BOTH Verizon and Comcast announced they would offer high speed internet in our area and immediately got into a price war with each other. I'm not conceited enough to think that my small WISP service spurred them into finally offering high speed in the area, but it was awfully coincidental. Of course they drove me out of the business, but at least we finally had fast internet service in the area.


Their decision to offer fast internet in any area is driven by the density of potential customers in that area. If houses/businesses are few and far between, they'll lose money. So your job should be to convince them there's enough people willing and able to subscribe. Think petitions. Talk with your representatives in local/county/state/federal gov't, ask the county IDA to help. There are programs that help organizations install fiber in rural areas. Ask the local computer shop owner to put in a T1 line and beam it to you over wireless. It's not always easy or cheap but there's several ways to skin this cat.

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