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Why Did My Thread Get Locked?

Why Did My Thread Get Locked?

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I know I'm new here but can someone tell me why my thread got locked regarding the problems I have been having with upgrading my high speed internet?  It says it's being "resolved in a private support area."  But no one has contacted me to provide support.  *sigh* Why can't I just get a straight answer?

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Any thread that is escalated to private support gets locked so the original post issue doesn't get "muddled" with other customer responses.  Once the issue is resolved, the support agent will unlock the thread.

If a forum member gives an answer you like, give them the Kudos they deserve. If a member gives you the answer to your question, mark the answer that solved your issue as the accepted solution.

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In other words....

Don't count on anything being resolved.

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Platinum Contributor II
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Quantrill wrote:

In other words....

Don't count on anything being resolved.

Now I wouldn't say that... it's something new they're trying out so I'd see if it helps. Just trying to make this board a bit more like other technical support boards where old posts from people are not getting necro'd or new posts being flooded with unrelated issues for what is usually a single line incident.


As far as replying to goes...


1: DSL speeds can be provisioned often times on the spot. Verizon has automated systems which allow people with the right access to pick a speed, the PVC and DSLAM and any related equipment will provision for the speed and your line will re-synchronize once the DSLAM has the new configuration pushed. The issue with why Verizon takes forever to change the speed in many areas, such as mine where it takes a week is due to the billing system most likely. Until Billing updates their records network doesn't update the profile you're on, that way you are not seen as getting "Free speed boosts."


2: Bandwidth on demand often comes with business connections, notably Fiber as the speed can be kicked up or down on demand and billing adjusted on the fly. Verizon Business has such a system up and they can do such a thing without killing the connection first (ADSL2+ has methods as well, same with FiOS!).


3: Service changes should never result in a disconnect. If a disconnect occurs it needs to be resolved promptly as no one should be pulling your line from a DSL-enabled card or unprovisioning your line. Now if your line will not come up because they set the speed much too high and bursts of noise are knocking the DSLAM and modem offline before they fully synch, that could be another thing but the two pieces of equipment should train at lower speeds, not retry a bad speed if noise clears.

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Quantrill -- You hit the nail on the head!  Have not had ANY type of help to resolve the issue through this forum.  And after over an hour on the phone with a verizon tech last night still no service.  It's like they don't even know what to do.  I am trying very hard to remain calm but as each day passes with no help it's getting more difficult. 


I was told last night that my issue has been sent to their "order resolution group" and that I should hear from them "within 24 to 48 hours."  Now how much you want to bet that will happen? 


This is just so frustrating ....

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Well, I got a call from Verizon saying that the problem is resolved.  I'm at work, so I won't know whether or not that's true until I get home.  I'm not getting my hopes up but wish me luck! 

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