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Why does this ISP suck so bad?

Why does this ISP suck so bad?

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First off the internet is probably the slowest internet I have ever had since dial up, and every day like clockwork it goes from at least being able to check my email to taking upwards or 10 min to load any page at 4-5PM every single day. 


I went to to check the connection, and here it is.


And this was in the morning time, I assure you it goes much slower than this later in the day. I am running on wireless and I do understand that wireless is always going to be slower than say ethernet, but I dont want the fastest internet in the world, I just want internet fast enough to load web pages, and watch videos every now and then. I mean when it takes 10 min to load a 2 min video on youtube thats kinda crappy. I have to click a video, go get a drink, take a nap, go to the gym, and then when I come home I can watch it.


No no one else is on the connection, its just me, 1 computer. its not my firewall, its off. I have AVG anti virus, and I arranged the firewall to not block the internet usage. I have windows XP.


I have one question though, the router is pretty old and thats the only thing I can think of as to why the connection could suck so horribly, will verizon replace it with the same model? Since it is their equipment that seams to be crapping out.

Location: West Virginia
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We have the same issues. It's actually a city wide issue. Everyone I know hate Verizon esp in WV where they are the worst provider. Everyday the connection disconnects from the internet and sometimes takes forever to return. There are so many days the connection is so slow that it feels like your on 56K because its running so slowly. It's no wonder everyone here continues to keep higher priced Comcast even tho people don't like it due to the pricing and the renting of the modem and such, but thanks to how the state of West Virginia runs its public services we get very limited choices in cable, internet, and phone services. We have dry loop here and I've never seen Verizon this bad. I've seen it bad here and at my parents house who have Verizon DSL who were the only high speed choice and I think my parents have it just as bad as I do. My dad has called Customer Service so many times he has the number memorized. Here speeds range from well below 1MB to just barely breaking that number. We're supposed to be on Verizon's highest speed which they are making us pay more for and we found out they were charging us as much as Comcast's 6MB with powerboost to 12MB they charge their cable customers. When calling customer care all we get is your connection is fine and they hang up. It took me 10 mins just to get the Verizon Message Boards to show up because the connection was dropping. Downloading music on iTunes is the worst. It took iTunes 30 mins to download one song due to the connection dropping out. YouTube videos don't load because of the connection along with streaming audio from XM/Sirius who I have a subscription with in my car I can't even listen to it without it buffering every 2 mins because of the horrible connection. I even tested using my PC connected to Verizon DSL and my iPhone using at&t's 3G connection here in Morgantown and to my surprise the iPhone never hiccuped during 15 min playback of XM/Sirius while my PC connected to Verizon DSL lost connection 10 times during the process and ran at slower speeds that the audio went in and out, it buffered for awhile, and eventually towards the end it never would revert from buffering to playing. Games don't load and good luck using Hulu and any streaming service. What sucks for WV customers is that Verizon is just trying to pass the problem on to someone else who can't handle the work that needs done so things are going to continue to get worse for all DSL customers.

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