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Why is it that I can't get dsl where I am?

Why is it that I can't get dsl where I am?

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I've called for the last 5 years or so and they keep saying it'll be next year.

Never happened.

Well now my neighbor up the road has it.

But I still can't get it.

I know we're off of a different phone box but would it be so hard to get it over to us?

Although I can't give out addresses online, google maps says were .6mi apart that's POINT SIX MILES.

Please respond back if you can help in any way.

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you have to be within a certain milage from a central office




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LOL sounds like here in Marion Michigan....   The local phone company runs its DSL  to my motherin law 2 miles away and I cant get it...   I am hoping verizon will run its DSL services here eventually.
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The further you are from the CO, the slower it gets. At a certain distance, it's no longer able to give you a speed worthy of a DSL pricetag, so we won't distribute service to that area.



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DSL service typically only works up to 3 1/2 miles from the Central Office.
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The simple answer to your question is: Because you can't.  The answer to the question of when can I get it is: most likely never.  I tried to get ISDN service at my home 2 years ago and was told it was available.  One week after ordering, I was told it was not.  After much hassle, I finally got to talk with a local engineer and was informed that the needed equipment was removed from the RCO (remote central office) cabinet that feeds my house.  I asked how long it was going to take them to replace it, or install a DSLAM so we could have DSL, and the response was that "only fibre fed boxes are being upgraded and that box is copper fed".  My job is as a systems administrator for a local ISP and I know that all of the equipment used can work with either copper or fibre.  It's apparent to me that they just don't want to provide quality service to all of their customers.


The only thing I can think of doing that would have any effect would be to talk to your neighbors and try and get as many peoplein your area to call Verizon and ask for DSL.  If you can get 60-70% of the customers connected to the same connect point (most likely an RCO) as you, to request DSL, they might do the upgrade.  Good luck.

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Could be several reasons,

 First, you might just be too far, that is that extra .6 miles puts you over the limit, usually 13,500ft from the central office.

Second, The box that your friend is fed out of is feed by a remote terminal that was upgraded for DSL and the one you work out of is feed from the central office that is too far away, or a remote terminal that isn't or can't be upgraded.

Third, The cables you work on have load coils on them that are there to boost volume for long runs, DSL will not work with load coils.

Fourth, The records are wrong and show you can't get DSL when you really can.

Fifth, They just don't like you.  LOL.


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