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Why is new Westell 6100G slower than old 327W?

Why is new Westell 6100G slower than old 327W?

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I just upgraded from the 3Mb/s DSL service I've had for about 8 years to the 4-7 Mb/s service.  Verizon sent me a new 6100G DSL modem/router.  I eventually got it to work in bridge mode (what a headache) with my Linksys router running DD-WRT.  I get speeds of about 5200/700.


I was curious to see if my old 327W modem would work with the new service in case I ever need a backup modem.  To my surprise, not only does it work fine, it gets significantly faster download speeds!  About 5900 Mb/s.  I've run tests multiple times and switched between the two routers a couple of times, so it's not just a fluke or a bad DSL sync.


Any ideas why this much older modem would be working so much faster??


I guess I'll keep using the really old one as my primary. It's got cooler blinking LEDs, anyway....

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I have a similar problem.  I switched to 1.5-3. and recently it has been running as low as.47, 1.8, .82, .53, 1.18.  Verizon never has an answer, when tech  came out I thought he was to install "something" but all he did was check my speed, (got same results as me) called his shop and left saying he would call back and see how things were doing.  That was over a week ago and still running slow, and no call back.  In fairness at first I was getting good download speed abut not recently, I changed 1-28-11.

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There can be lots of factors for that. could be due to different firmware, differen OS. more security on the new one. Many things may affect it. Newer is not always better. I frequently have to use older drivers for my video card for example because the new ones slow it down.  But to be honest 5200-5900 is not really that much of a difference. (5.2Mbs vs 5.9Mbs)







Well I said that but I'm used to FIOS speeds. When I take another look and remember DSL not FIOS, I guess a ~10% increase is significant. So I'd just use which ever is giving you a better speed.


Error exists between keyboard and chair.
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I'm having the same problem for over a month now. I switched from 1-3Mbps to 4-7Mbps that also include an upgrade to my phone service. At first, right after I upgrade, my old Westell 6100 (was only getting speed up to 1Mbps on the old plan) was getting speed up to 5.30Mbps, which was fine with me. But after a week of 5.30Mbps and intermitted lost of internet connections, it then dropped to 3.0Mbps with no lost of internet signal.


I lived with it for a few weeks and after getting tired of checking my DSL speed, WHICH was still at 3.0Mbps, I called Verizon and they sent me a Westell 6100G and said  that it should work "better" and your speed should be higher (these famous last words). 


Well, it's been more than a month after getting new Westell 6100G and guess what, .................. it's the same. My speed tops at 3.26Mbps. Every week I run test using 3 different DSL speed testing sites and all three report the same thing Robot Sad   


However, I have zero none lost of internet connections. All I would like to have, is a bump in my DSL speed. If someone smart can explain/reply as to why this is a problem and what to do, it would be a big help to all of Verizon customers. Or, Verizon please fix the problem before we all start to move over to Time Warner Cable.......... they have been knocking on my door. 

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@Sunfish:  For me the Westell 6100G just isn't getting the fastest possible speed out of my connection. It would be interesting to try a different make or model of modem in your case. You can buy a 327W very cheap on eBay.

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Hey, the model 327W, is it a Westell? And, is it that faster? I'm totally in the dark when it comes to DSL and modems. I tried comparing the differences between Westell 6100 and 6100G online by googling it and not much results came up. Man Sad 


I will try to get info first on the 327W and then probably get it. However, I have been told that you (we) cannot make our DSL faster than it is because the speed is set by Verizon. It all confusing at times. 

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Sunfish, I can only comment on my experience...which is, I get about a 12% speed increase with the 327W versus the 6100G.  YMMV.  The 327W is also a Westell, it's about 8-10 years old...I'm not endorsing it, but in my case it's faster than the brand-new 6100G, and because it's so old, I'm sure you can pick a used one up really cheap to try.  Sometimes newer models are lower quality.


If you can spend a little more $, then I'd probably get a newer model DSL modem.  You can check Newegg, Amazon, etc. for ratings and reviews.


It's pretty much impossible to predict which modem might work the best for your connection.  There are lots of variables.  Yes, Verizon determines the upper limit of your bandwidth; but some modems may communicate better with the modem on the Verizon end (the DSLAM) or may be able to "squeeze" some more bandwidth out of your phone line, despite a low signal to noise ratio or other challenges.


I think it's a safe bet to say that the standard modems Verizon ships out to millions of customers aren't the highest-quality units available!

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Hi Trebbr,   What is YMMV???? Is it something I should know? ......... Code for anything? Anyway, Thanks SO much for the infos, have been very helpful, nice! Man Happy    I looked at some of the Westell 327W on ebay and there are two modems from these two top sellers that are selling crazy cheap. I think I might be getting one and trying it out, IF it doesn't work for whatever reason, I can get rid of it without feeling guilty.


I tried to use my old 6100 and it would not connect to the internet for some reason. This happened after I started using the "new" 6100G. I just want to test the speed again.  


What should I do................. one seller on ebay is offering to put/add a firmware (upgrade?)  to the 327W IF you want it. Now, what is that? AND, do I need that? 


If this is any help, I have a Mac and I don't have a wireless connection in the apt. 

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Sunfish2000 wrote:

Hi Trebbr,   What is YMMV???? Is it something I should know? ......... Code for anything?


You could of used Google to look that up.


It means Your mileage may vary


Points to


Possible meamings/examples #4 or #6, is my guess.


If you desire to, you may ask what meaning/example that they mean...



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Thanks ....... dslr591148. Now I get it. However, I don't speak neither write much in Urban or Texting. Most of my thoughts and writing are in complete sentences. Smiley Tongue

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