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Will never get DSL...

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Will never get DSL...

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I was on the phone for over an hour with Verizon only to be told twice by to different guys that i am not in the area and basically my house doesn't exist. So i googled Internet and i somehow found a forum on ATT about this same thing i'm going through and  ATT support told them that they have stopped running copper cables for dsl and are only  concerned about fiber optic. AND i am assuming that verizon is going to be the same. BUT they never told me that when i was on the phone with them, all they had to do was just tell me so i am not waiting on something that will never happen. Fiber optic- never in my lifetime. But they sure will sell Directv to you but i said NO THANK YOU. my husband works for DISH and my bill is like $15 a month and better signal than Directv. Dishnet is no good so i basically have nothing....

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Re: Will never get DSL...

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Wireless is the future to AT&T and Verizon. Don't expect to see DSL or Fiber anytime soon, sadly.

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Re: Will never get DSL...

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Google is also doing testing on rolling out wireless Internet in places where running fiber to the home is too expensive. See this Recode article from April. That doesn't help you at the moment of course.


I used to play an online MMO with someone who was grandfathered into AT&T's unlimited data plan. He ran his whole house through his cell phone by using it was a wireless hotspot. I didn't find out he was doing that for a long time, and I was really surprised because I couldn't tell. That's using the existing technology and Google is looking at a generation or two ahead of that. I would expect that AT&T and Verizon are doing the same. I know part of it is using beam forming technology like that found on new 802.11ac wireless routers, but on a scale of miles rather than meters.


I think Verizon still offers 4G/LTE celluar to broadband wireless routers. Depending on how much data you use a month, that mgiht be an option. If you plan on streaming NetFlix, it would probably work, but be expensive. For typical web browsing and email though, it's surprizing how little data is used (if you avoid video).

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