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Without a doubt, Verizon DSL is the worst bargain available in my small town!

Without a doubt, Verizon DSL is the worst bargain available in my small town!

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This is just a rant. Verizon Support (India) is either unable or unwilling to address the myriad of problems with Verizon DSL. The ONLY reason I have Verizon DSL is that Verizon has a monopoly on both landlines and hardwired internet in my small town. If there were ANY alternatives, Verizon and their **bleep**-poor support would be a distant bad memory.


Today it is screwed up email, yesterday it was line drops. Tomorrow? Who can guess at the ways Verizon will discover to suck more money and provide less service.


Dr. Rick Dulas

Copper Contributor

I'm afraid the only thing Verizon cares about is FiOS and wireless. Anything else they are just getting rid of by selling out to other Verizon wanna bes that end up going bankrupt.  Which unfortunate for me, my state happens to be one of the unlucky 14 sold off with Verizon's latest endeavors.  We can only pray and hope Frontier Communications the new owner does not end up like the previous two Verizon has sold off wireline service to.

Copper Contributor

Hey I live in Pennsylvania and in my situation the lines are too old to support DSL, so I'm guessing they are selling those.  Do you know when they are going to do that?

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