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ZyXel Prestige 861 Modem - vDSL Lights Flashing/Blinking Green

ZyXel Prestige 861 Modem - vDSL Lights Flashing/Blinking Green

Contributor Max2013
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Hi All,


The internet used to work, but now it's just flashing/blinking green. Hence the internet has gone down, and I can't figure where is the problem.


I live in a apartment (23 Floors), and the modem is setup this way:


                                                      Telephone Cable => Modem => Ethernet Cable => Router


I changed the telephone cable a few times, and even switched to a different jack that used to work (I moved the modem from the living room to the bedroom 2 years ago).


But it is still flashing/blinking green on the vDSL lights.


Also it seems like nobody had any issues with their Verizon services, could it be a hardware issue that the 5 year old ZyXel Presitage 861 modem has broken down?


Is it possible to switch to another modem, for example, Actiontec GT701D Ethernet DSL Modem?


Thanks all

Gold Contributor III
Gold Contributor III
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If the ZyXel is causing problems, you should be able to get VZ to swap it out.

I believe VZ is currently using  D-LINK 6300v VDSL modems for MDU installs.  

Contributor Max2013
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Registered: ‎10-02-2013
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Thanks for your reply!


I've researched the D-Link 6300v VDSL Modem on eBay and Amazon but I didn't find the same model number.


Are there any kind of alternatives?

Gold Contributor III
Gold Contributor III
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Why do you want to buy a VDSL modem when VZ will replace your existing modem for free?


I strongly do NOT recommend using a third party modem.

If your line is not working, VZ will not provide support if you're not using their modem.


The 6300v is a VZ specific model.


Contributor Max2013
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Well, I thought in the meantime while the network is down (tech is arriving tomorrow), why don't I try to debug the problem myself?


I've tested that the phone line itself works, but I don't know about the jack.


The ONT works too (The Verizon Phone Support said that ONT looks fine), so... It's some physical connection between the basement and my apartment (located 23rd floors high). I've tried all the jacks in my house, which they used to work when I was deciding the best place to put my modem and wireless router).


So it's either the modem, or the physical wiring is broken. So why not try a quick fix?


Anyways, if it's somewhere of the wiring, and also extremely difficult to fix it, I guess I need to find another apartment.

Contributor 1703Floor
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I only came to this forum to find out what colors lights should show on the modem and router to get internet connectivity.


The patch cable on the router side only has the bottom green light glowing. The VSDL light is blinking green. And my computer confirms that there’s no internet connection. It seems I will need to call tech support which is always a painful process (poor tech folks). I post here today, because I can relate to the person on the 23rd floor. 


We live on the 17th floor of a  condominium. We’ve replaced our set top box twice in the past five years. This last time required a service call. The tech had to fix the problem in the 17th floor equipment closet.


He explained that we can expect upgrades in the future and this will require that new cabling will be installed and run across exterior walls. I’m not happy about that, but it seems out of our control.


This issue did not affect our internet connection at that time (2mo. ago). A huge storm ⛈ in No VA yesterday knocked out our power for 8 hours. The building’s backup generator must have failed, because I don’t ever remember losing power here. I can’t seem to be able to fix the problem.


Going back to the set top box, again, during my time with tech support 2 months ago, prior to the home visit, the technician pushed me really hard to buy an annual service plan for $99. I declined.


It seems that we are paying for poor planning on Verizon’s part for budgeting and pricing. Our building is less than 20 years old, there’s apparently no fiber, and the Verizon equipment is old to match our infrastructure (?). So if the infrastructure doesn’t support upgrades, then you can expect to pay no less than $99 each year in addition to regular billing. Home visits will no longer be included with connection interfaces, only access to the internet.. 


I don’t know what the current problem is (me, equipment, building, or all of the above), but I expect that I will have to pay to fix the problem, doubting that the building manager will get involved.


My guess is that other services will/are moving in the same direction. Wish me luck!


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