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can I get new lower dsl rate?

can I get new lower dsl rate?

Contributor Harriet
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Hi everyone, Smiley Happy


I recently signed up for paperless billing, and the email acknowledgement from Verizon included a message about locking in a $17.99 per mo. high speed internet rate. Clicking on "more information" didn't tell me what I wanted to know (surprise, surprise), which is whether I can get that rate as an existing customer, or if it is only for new customers. I'm still angry that a year after beginning my DSL service, they doubled the price, so I certainly hope I'm eligible for the new rate.


Has anyone else been able to figure it out yet? I suppose, if I had spent a further half hour clicking on likely links, I might have found the answer myself, but I've already exceeded my annoyance limit for today.


Thanks, Harriet

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Every state has their own special offers so it's unlikely you'll get any specific answers to your question here.   My view is if there are no disclaimers in the email message or in the learn more (you know how they love their disclaimers), then you should be eligible.  What I do to find out if i'm eligible is to begin the order process online and don't complete the order if I am not.
Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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HI Hariet,


All the promotinal offer available online or through our Sale channel are available only for new consumers,I understand that after a year the price is bound to go up as the annual commitment that you had with Verizon is expired.


All you got to do is sign in with your Verizon.net username and password at www.verizon.net/greatrate and see what are the offer available respective to your area and speed.


Moreover it would of no use to click links as you are not eligible.About the email that you recive is part of advertisement and promotion.



Contributor Terp
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I am calling back one last time, then going with Roadrunner...$22/month for 700K/down? Are you {word filter avoidance}  kidding me? I called before and stated that people were getting $18/month (for life, which translates into a couple years with Verizon) and 1M+/down, so was told the $19/month rate (the third time you raised it) would be locked and I would be notice 1M/down right away after the call.




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Contributor engineer_pete
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What happened in my case was I ordered the only speed in 2002 and made a 1 year commitment for 29.99. When the year was up, instead of contacting me they charged me 37.99. When I checked my speed 1792 / 448. I asked to get the lower speed which was offered below $20. They promptly agreed to the lower speed and have been billing me the higher rate for the last seven years. If you read about Verizon this is par for the course. The speed is unchanged and is nowhere near the 3.0 promised, of course they don't really ever promise speed or availability.
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