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do you need to have a home phone for internet/dsl

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do you need to have a home phone for internet/dsl

hey wazzup well i need some help on something i have verizon internet dsl and home phone and well i was gonna cancel my home phone because we use mobile fones but i was wondering if you need a home phone to keep to the internet. i mite upgrade to fios internet so does fios internet need a home phone or can i cancel it and keep internet still

i no at&t doesnt need one but what about verizon



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Re: do you need to have a home phone for internet/dsl

You will have to ask Verizon's sales office to get an answer. In some markets they do allow DSL without wireline telephone service (Dry Loop service), in others they don't. DSL is not a tariffed service, so Verizon is not legally obligated to offer it to everyone in their service area. By contrast landline service is a tariffed and regulated service, so both the price, and requirement to provide landline service in their service area is not subject to discussion.


In most markets there is a discount for having DSL with wireline service, so your DSL monthly charges may go up $5-$10 per month if you cancel the landline.


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