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dsl in MA - is it time to got to COMCAST?

dsl in MA - is it time to got to COMCAST?

Contributor 2ballcane
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What is the deal with DSL - I've ben getting the runaround from tech support or 3 days.  My service is virtually unuseable - I think I ma using dial-up.


I am sick of calling- waiting on hold and then going through the smae old drills - what model is your modem?  Reboot your modem, and PC likes it some sort of panacea.


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Platinum Contributor III
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If what you're seeing is slow speeds and the speeds happen during prime-time (evening) hours, go to the Verizon Direct forum over at DSLReports.com and post up about the slow speed issues there. They will ask for information to identify your home line, so just give them the needed info. They have been pretty good at addressing congestion issues, so it's worth a shot. Additionally, Verizon employees throughout this forum may also offer assistance, and they'll post up some information in this thread for you.


If the slow speeds occur all the time, we could help you out here as well to get to the bottom of what exactly is causing the speeds in most cases. Just post up letting us know.

Contributor 2ballcane
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thanks, but I am pretty much convinced that I am going to move on.  I was infurriated when tech support suggested I opt for a premium plan.  I said I have one,  my up/down speed is significantly under my plan and they suggested it was within spec.  I am not sure about any of you, but when I buy a gallon of gas I expect a gallon; not a half or less.  What burns me is that the service has taken a nose dive in the last several days - its virtually un-useable.  I haven't changed any software or hardware.  I was an early dsl adopter before verizon was my local provider (Bell Atlantic).  I asked several times about my modem - it is the orginal - I guess over 15 years old.  They reluctanly agreed to replace it.  I am not holding my breath.  Now I am moving all my email to gmail with the expectation that I will no longer have a verizon email address.  So much for customer appreciation. 

Contributor newfall
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I'm also in Mass and my dsl is getting worse by the day. I have no idea what's going on but I've tried everything from my end and it seems to be a network problem. Sometimes, it's good and sometimes it's bad. I've been testing it a lot and my throughput goes from 7% down to 25%. I'm going to continue my testing; just to make absolutely sure it's not on my end. This is taking up a lot of my time but I've been a happy dsl customer for a long time and for now I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Many websites are not coming up or coming up slowly. This all started very recently.

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