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firmware for 2750B

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firmware for 2750B

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Does anyone know if  Firmware Version: VZ_1.32  is the latest for

the d-Link 2750B ?

Serial Number: {edited for privacy}

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Re: firmware for 2750B

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I found this the other day looking for a firmware update. Haven't downloaded and installed it, but I will in the next few days and post back here is the link... I have the same modem and my last update states Feb 2012.
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Re: firmware for 2750B

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I am no FW expert but I would not use FW unless it was updated by verizon. If you are having issues maybe you could try getting a modem upgrade (When I went from a Westell 6100 to a 7500 there was no charge and I gained wireless capability).

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Re: firmware for 2750B

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The modem was a different D-Link DSL2750B also. I didn't look close enough. Sorry. I called VZ to check first before I didn't any update. I ended up buying an Actiontec. My uploads increased and were more stable then the D-Link was. Better wifi signal to.
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Re: firmware for 2750B

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I have researched many sites for the D-link 2750 from Verizon.It is their router with their encryption installed.I would NOT reccomend any update from any sources other than Verizon...Just my 2 cents..!!...Smiley Wink


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